The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Friday, September 5, 2008

RNC Day 4 Fight Fight Fight

That's about all that McCain said last night.

CW tells us that candidates with yellow ties don't win. Candidates who speak before a green background don't win. Candidates who put their viewers to sleep don't win. Candidates who don't offer policies different from those of their unpopular predecessor don't win.

America still knows nothing about what the McCain Palin administration will do about the changing climate, the housing crisis, high fuel costs, affordable education, affordable health care and getting our troops home.

Instead McCain is still assuring us he will continue the Bush doctrine.

And yesterday morning and this morning republican strategists are defending their decision not let Sarah Palin appear before the press. Even though we still have not heard from her about the issues we are interested in, they say they don't need to let her be interviewed by Time or Meet the Press or others. Is that because they are afraid that if we learn of her position on issues, or lack of knowledge, it will let Americans see why they should not vote for the ticket she is on?

The evening began with beer maven Cindy McCain making this statement (my quotes are from the prepared texts, so may vary slightly from the speeches delivered):

Our country was born amidst the struggle for freedom ... and our party arose from a great battle for human rights, dignity and equality for all people. We give way to no one and no other party in that cause.

What? All people? Human rights, dignity and equality? They are fighting against any legislation that gives equality to gays and lesbians, and want to write inequality into the constitution, and they say "equality for all people?" I don't think so. Their "Straight Talk" leaves out about 10% of the population.

And claiming that they are better than the Democrats in the fight for equality? Hardly. Heck, they don't even believe in equality for blacks.

In fact, as the Birmingham News reported, the modern southern Republican Party was born out of racism.

History lesson.

Angry Dixiecrats that met in Birmingham in 1948 after walking out of the Democrat National Convention following Hubert Humphrey's speech on equality later morphed into the Republican Party in the Southern States.


"My friends, to those who say that we are rushing this issue of civil rights, I say to them we are 172 years late. To those who say that this civil rights program is an infringement on states' rights, I say this: The time has arrived in America for the Democratic Party to get out of the shadow of states' rights and to walk forthrightly into the bright sunshine of human rights.

"Let me say at the outset that this proposal is made with no single region, no single class, no single racial or religious group in mind. All regions and all states have shared in the precious heritage of American freedom. All states and all regions have at least some infringements of that freedom - all people, all groups have been the victims of discrimination."

Racists Dixiecrats nominated Strom Thurmond for president. He, and most of the others, became Republicans. Case closed.

McCain's speech was interrupted repeatedly by protesters, some of which were Iraq Vets Against the War, holding up signs such as "McCain Votes Against Vets", reminding us that the republican candidate did not vote for the 21st century G. I bill, and has a poor record on Veteran's issues.

And notice, too, in the video, the green backdrop for McCain as he speaks. Is this expansive lawn and mansion one of his homes? Wow!

No, the McCain Palin ticket does not offer change. He did admit that his party failed during the last 8 years.

We were elected to change Washington, and we let Washington change us. We lost the trust of the American people when some Republicans gave in to the temptations of corruption.

And we can not afford 4 more years like the last 8 years.

Later today I will post something to help Americans regain their sense of normalcy after this week. Check back later.

In addition:

Racism still exists at the RNC


Anonymous said...

"....They are fighting against any legislation that gives equality to gays and lesbians"


Joe said...

Wait. So you think it is right that they claim to represent equality yet deny it to others? You are thanking God for this hypocrisy? How wierd.

Anonymous said...

There is no way that anyone with half a brain could have watched and truly listened to Thompson, Rudy, Sarah, and McCain and still think that the Obama ticket is better for our country. Even his own running mate said that he didn't believe Obama was qualified. If you want to vote for a democrat just because you are one, then I guess that is your choice, but the real choice is plain and simple. McCain / Palin. I don't consider myself either democrat or republican, but at least the Republicans reached out to the Dems during their convention. They just seem much more sincere and ready to help our country. I still get the feeling that the Dems simply say whatever they think they need to say to get a vote, and that doesn't help our country at all.

Joe said...

Listen, the republicans don't offer one thing...not one, that will help middle America or those less fortunate. Well, Cindy McCain in her designer dress asking for donations...but besides that. Nothing about the uninsured, nothing about housing, nothing about jobs,nothing to help minorities with education. In fact, for those reasons "community organizers" are out there assisting. No, republicans only want to keep the tax breaks for the upper class and force the poor to shoulder the burden, just like its been throughout history.

You must not have even listened to Obama.

Anonymous said...

Joe Oppenshaw REALLY doesn't get it!!!!!!!! We have had a domocratic congress for 8 years, and they did NOTHINING. President Bush did his best for the country and defended us when we needed it. All the dem's do is whine and complain. I am definatly voting republican this year, and I hope everyone else does too.

Joe said...

My name only has one "P" in it.

The reason the democratic congress has low ratings is because ther are so many backward republicans in it that they can't pass decent legislation. That will all change soon.

Anonymous said...

Wrong Joe. The Repubs WANT to drill for oil. They WANT to lower gas prices. They WANT parents to have a choice where their children go to school. Don't even MENTION taxes. Obama is going to tax the hell out of businesses and business owners and they in turn will take it out on ALL of middle America. ***Go back and listen to Fred Thompson's address from last week.
Talk about "talking with nothing to say"...Obama continues to talk about change but NEVER EVER tells us WHAT changes he is going to make or how he plans to do it.
Look at the record of McCain / Palin and compare it to the demo ticket, and I agree with annon above, there is no way you would vote democratic...unless of course you are black or gay.

Joe said...

Drill Baby Drill. right. All the repubs want to do is drill baby drill. That chant almost made me sick the other night. Drilling will do nothing to substantially lower gas prices. But it wouild increase oil company profits!!! We should be chanting invent baby invent.

Yeah republicans want to send their well off kids to choice schools, and leave the minorities and poor to get less education, thus insuring that the republican kids get better education and retain control. That is so easy to see. Wwhile Democrats want to improve all schools and reward good teachers. Oh and help minorities go to college, another something the republicans never considered.

Fred Thompson came close to putting me to sleep, but I heard him. Yawn.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that Joe has been listening to the "machine"...the main stream media that slants everything. Look at his drill post above. If we had been drilling all along, we would not have 3.50 gas prices today. That is a FACT Joe. And if you were put to sleep by Fred Thompson, something is wrong with you. What a great speaker. this video.

Joe said...

Oh and by the way, is that "black or gay" comment supposed to a a racist or a homophobic comment. It's hard to tell. No wonder you remain anonymous.