The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Thursday, September 25, 2008

McCain Can't Handle It

Can John McCain not walk and chew gum at the same time? Seems that way, as he wants to skip Friday's planned debate to to return to Washington to do whatever he thinks he can do regarding the $700 billion bailout?

What he doesn't need to do is go in there and screw up the plan with it close to being finalized that addresses most or all of the concerns lawmakers and Main Street have about it.

What's unusual is that McCain also suspended his presidential campaign.

Here's what all of this tells us.

McCain is erratic and unpredictable in times of crisis. The most recent crisis was hurricane Gustav, and in crisis mode McCain had the start of the Republican convention delayed. They said they didn't want to appear in a celebratory mood, forgetting that, compared to the Democrats, Republicans don't convene in a celebratory manner anyway. At any rate, these events and the McCain response show us that in crisis mode they just can't deal with everything going on plus the normal stuff.

McCain can not focus on all of the nation's needs. He is proving that by having to suspend his campaign to address the economic needs. I mean, they aren't even able to release ads during this time. It's like his campaign is an ant bed, and somebody just kicked it. Campaign staff is in crisis mode, like the ants, who crazily run around gathering eggs and larvae, suspending all their other duties, until the babes are carried deeper and the repaired smaller ant bed has the appearance of normality. And it's not long until all the ants have disappeared. What are they doing in there? Probably trembling in fear of the next kick. Trouble is, the big "unkicked" ant bed next door is still functioning normally.

McCain is narcissistic. I guess all presidential candidates are to some extent. But congress is progressing with a bill, plans are in place for debate, and the candidate who admits that economics isn't his thing, suddenly wants us to believe that the country's financial markets won't survive without his input, turning this crisis into a savior moment for McCain..."me, me, me...I can fix it (even though I don't understand the problem)." Meanwhile, Senate leaders are asking him to stay away, "We need leadership, not a photo op," Harry Reid said.

McCain is an angry man. And we need a solid, calm leader during times of crisis. Like Peggy Noonan said today on "Morning Joe," he looks like he's on the balls of his feet, ready to lunge forward. And we all know, we don't like going to Grandpa's house when he's in a bad mood. Remember how he's a little bit scary, sitting there brooding in his rocking chair? And jumpy and nervous? Do you want Grandpa as your president?


Anonymous said...

yes i do want grandpa.

Anonymous said...

thank God we have a man who is willing to put this damn election aside in order to do his job and take care of the economic crisis. McCain is not backing down from the debate. Hell, he wants to have an OPEN debate....pass the mic around and let real people ask real questions. Obama refuses.

Obama has no clue about leading this country. He is not a leader. McCain continues to put this country ahead of this election. He has proven it time and time again.

I think it is very funny that you said his campaign is in crisis mode. You either don't really listen to the news, or you only listen to the extremely one-sided leftist reporters.

Obama and the democrats are the ones about to pee in their pants. He is slowly losing ground, and a month from now, there will be no contest.

Joe said...

McCain's campaign is falling apart. He's afraid of this debate, it's clear, and tried to get out of it by increasing the crisis without caring what he does to the country.

"and a month from now, there will be no contest"

I heard these kinds of things a month ago, when y'all were all excited about the Moose killer, but you all got quiet when the truth about her and McCain's flubs about the fundamentals being strong began his downslide. We will see in a month, like you say.