The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Friday, September 26, 2008

No Wonder They Keep Her Sheltered

Now I feel better. Sarah Palin was asked to clarify her comment that living in Alaska, being next to Russia, gives her foreign policy experience.

"Well it certainly does, because our next door neighbors are foreign countries."

So not only Russia, but Canada!!!

Well at least she's right about the geography:

Here you can see how good she is at repeating what she is told to say. She just repeats the same phrase over when asked to really answer the question:

She just repeats the same phrase over when...oops, its catching. Sorry.

She knows absolutely nothing!

I can't wait till the vice presidential debate. But like David Letterman said, John McCain is wanting to delay the presidential debate until after the bailout is settled, Sarah Palin wants to delay the vice presidential debate until after the election.

Watching Palin is depressing. This will cheer you up.

Signs of Hope and Change


Anonymous said...

She wants to be VP. Obama wants to be president and honestly I think he knows less than she does.


Joe said...

Oh yeah right. She barely makes it through college. He sails though college and law school. She has been mayor of a little town, he has worked with individuals and groups to learn what life for every one is. She's been a lying governor for a couple of years, he's been in state and national legislatures where he has been on important committees dealing with foreign policy and more. Yeah, she knows more, Ha.

Anonymous said...

Well he was there to vote present wasn't he.

Anonymous said...

As for foreign policy, Obama graduated from Colombia University specializing in international relations. He is on the committee for Foreign Relations (as well as Veteran Affairs). He would add a genuine understanding of foreign nations, diplomacy, and multilateralism, what only the most extreme won't admit has been sorely lacking. While he has a short career in national politics, it's longer than Palin's. Palin had zero foreign policy experience.