The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's That Time of Year

October 11 is National Coming Out Day for the GLBT community, but it seems that these folks are wanting to get a jump on things. (I will have more to say about October 11 as it approaches).

Clay Aiken is Gay (People) This is not the kind of outing that has any relevance, like say, a gay chief of staff for a senator working against gay human rights. First, if anyone had any doubts after watching Clay's American Idol performances, ex marine John Paulus quashed them when he provided too much information about a passionate night that never happened.

Trouble is, it forever put the notion that Clay is gay into America's minds. But now that we know, does anybody care?.

Lindsay Lohan is gay (AfterEllen) Lindsay Lohan is gay. Again, is anyone surprised? she confirmed she is romantically involved with Samantha Ronson. However, unlike Clay Aiken, she is not a new parent.
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Tony Sweet is gay. The Christian music star says "It's a good thing I wasn't straight. I couldn't date any girls in town - they were all my cousins."
Part of Tony's reason for coming out is summed up in his Advocate article, "I want to let people know that there are churches out there that will support them, that will believe in them. It may take time, but there are other families you can build that can take you back to your religion and still let you be yourself."
From the article: One of the things that differentiates gospel music from other genres is that singers aren't performing as much for the fans as for the greater glory of God. "My singing is my ministry to God," Sweet says. "If I can use it to cross bridges between the gay world and the Christian one, then I think I'll be doing what I'm supposed to do."

The article is not posted online

Here is a sample of his work, "Gentle Savior", filmed at a show.

Gentle Savior

And here he is signing "The Dance"

The Dance sung by ME !

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