The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

RNC Day 2

More attention continues to be given to Sarah Palin than to John McCain. Part of the reason is that we don't know her. We don't know whether she will tell us anything new tonight, or continue the RNC message of lying to get your point across. We do know this. She will not put us to sleep like Fred Thompson and Joe Lieberman did.

Shots of the crowd during the convention session reveal a somber, yawning group of folks dressed for a funeral. They all received their talking points, because every Republican interviewed gave the same replies, while avoiding answering questions about Sarah Palin's qualifications and such.

And while we get it; the Republicans want to take away women's rights, we didn't learn anything that will help our sinking economy. Oh yeah, because they want to continue the Bush economic policies that led to people losing their homes and jobs.

Nothing that will help with the energy/environmental problems. Oh yeah, because they want to continue the Bush environmental policies that led us to $4 gasoline and vanishing polar bears.

Nothing that will help with the spiraling cost of health care and the millions without health insurance. Oh yeah, they want to continue the Bush health care policies that ignore certain members of our society.

Nothing that will help restore our countries respect in the world. Oh yeah, they want to continue the Bush foreign policy of invade first, develop plan later (or never).

Nothing to help our veterans. Oh yeah, they want to continue the Bush policy of using and abusing our troops and forgetting about them when they come home.

Speaking of tonight's speech by Sarah Palin, her future son in law will be joining the convention tonight, according to his mom. Levi is 18 years old, is behaving like an adult, so should be treated like an adult.

Here's information from his myspace page (* added by me):

"I'm a f*ckin' redneck who likes to snowboard and ride dirt bikes. But I live to play hockey. I like to go camping and hang out with the boys, do some fishing, shoot some sh*t and just f*ckin' chillin' I guess. Ya f*ck with me I'll kick ass."

Status: "In a relationship."

Children: "I don't want kids."

Let's hope, for the sake of the future, that his attitude on raising a child changes. And some advice, Levi. Finish school (if you haven't). His mom said he is no longer in school and any further information would have to come from him.


Trey said...

So the RNC is actually as numbingly dull as it sounds on the radio? They've got nothing. Drivel and platitudes, and, uh, "we like military folks", or something.

Christine McIntosh said...

You might be interested in
this link

David is the Bishop of St Andrews, and "Thought for the Day" is a regular BBC Scotland broadcast.

Anonymous said...

What a joke this blog is.

1. It is not Republicans who lie to the American People. It is the Democrats. That is why they have a guy running for Pres that served in congress a total of 143 days before announcing he'd run for president.

2. It was BUSH and his stem check that cause economic GROWTH last quarter, while the dems continue to sit on our oil fields, no allowing us to drill and lower gas prices.

3. The Dems simply want POWER. What is best for America is what is important. Lieberman was right on the money.

This blogs shows that there are still people who have no CLUE.

Anonymous said...

Joe, That woman dosen't show me anything to help this U.S.A. She still has no qualifications as I can see. Maybe Barak was in only a short time but he does have the brains that are needed these days. As far as her family is concerned I really don't care to much about it. I just wonder how they will bribe the father of her child so he will marry her without it hitting the news.