The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Local Obama News and Saturday Night Live

News for area Barack Obama supporters, Alabama Barack Team Bessemer has a new web site where you can keep up with meetings, news, visit the store to see what's available and more.

Let me just say that this is why Barack is going to win. His campaign has gone into communities across the nation and set up offices, and he has a huge grass roots campaign effort. Of course I am realistic. McCain has a big lead in Alabama and that might be hard to overcome. But in other states this will make the difference. Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, for instance.

If you can't stay up...or won't be in yet...set your Tivo or DVR for Saturday Night Live tonight. Hot "celebrities," with Michael Phelps hosting and Barack Obama appearing. Two of my favorite guys.

Michael Phelps is hosting.

From ETonline :

The buzz for the "Saturday Night Live" season premiere this weekend just got a lot bigger! Not only is Olympic champ Michael Phelps hosting, but Barack Obama is slated to make a guest appearance.

People magazine says that Obama will fly in from New Hampshire to be "live from New York," but the extent of his on-air involvement is not yet known.

"The details of the sketch are still being worked out," Obama's campaign tells the mag.

The Democratic presidential hopeful previously appeared on "SNL" during the primary in sketch where Amy Poehler played Hillary Clinton.

Let's see, watch the Auburn game, the news and then SNL.


Anonymous said...

Did Obama make an appearance or did I miss it?

Having Phelps as the guest host for the season's first episode sounded great but ended up being a train wreck. Felt bad for the guy. It was almost like the didn't rehearse with him.

Anonymous said...

Obama did not make an appearance because he felt it would be innappropriate in light of the serious situation in Texas. I didn't watch of the show. Basically the opening and a few skits before I dozed off . . . so I guess I missed the really bad parts.