The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Monday, September 22, 2008

Other Writers I Enjoy

James Evans is pastor at Auburn First Baptist Church, and used to be pastor at a church in Pelham...and used to write a column that appeared in the Birmingham Post Herald (back when Birmingham had a morning paper and an evening paper...ah...the good old days).

He still writes a column that appears in various papers around the state, The Decatur Daily (but you have to pay to read the column...who do they think they are?) and The Anniston Star being two.

Evans is the Baptist preacher whose column I read every chance I get.

His latest column is Women, Faith and Politics :

I love the way our current political contest keeps tossing up the most marvelous contradictions for us to notice and enjoy. For example, Christians were urged to pray for rain to disrupt Barack Obama's acceptance speech in an outdoor stadium. But what actually happened is Hurricane Gustav came and disrupted the Republican National Convention.

And then there is our most recent contradiction — the selection of Sarah Palin as John McCain's running the rest .

Another favorite is John Corvino, who writes and speaks and teaches at Wayne State Univeristy in Detroit.

John is speaking at UAB this week, Thursday at 7:30 at Alumni Auditorium (Hill University Center). From the Flyer:

Homosexuality, Morality and Diversity

How does the issue of sexual orientation fit into the general theme of diversity? And how can we talk about these issues without stepping all over one another's toes? In this program Dr. Corvino discusses how to foster respect for people;s diverse relationships while also respecting deeply held moral and religious convictions - all the while trying to avoid and attitude or "moral mushiness," as he calls it. He also considers the prospects and pitfalls of analogies between sexual orientation and race, religion, and other diversity issues.

John's latest column has to to with PDA's at weddings. That's "public displays of affection", not personal digital assistant like the McCain campaign claims their candidate invented, although you should probably keep your Blackberry tucked away at weddings as well.

From Corvino:

Like many gay people, I have a love-hate relationship with weddings. On the one hand, I enjoy any excuse for a party, and what’s not to like about celebrating love and commitment with family and friends? On the other hand…

Well, where do I start?

Let’s face it: weddings can be tense affairs. The gaudy pageantry, the forced smiles, the nosy relatives…there is, in fact, a lot not to like.

This is especially true given the tendency of some marrying couples to want to outdo everyone else by being “creative.” I remember one wedding—a gay wedding, as it happens—where, after the vows, the grooms hopped into a vintage convertible and drove off…

…for about 150 feet, at which point they abruptly reached the end of the property, got out, and walked back. (Not surprisingly, that marriage lasted about two months, so perhaps the short ride was an apt metaphor.) the rest.

Make plans to hear John Thursday.

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