The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


It's not a show I watch with any regularity, but occasionally I watch Intervention.

Last night, the show featured Brittany. As the show progressed, we could tell she was from Alabama, then the Birmingham area, then North Jefferson County. Brittany was addicted to dilaudid and loretab and other things. Watch the preview at the link above.

She really didn't have a chance from birth it seems. Born 5 years after her 9 year old sister Terry was brutally raped and murdered, Brittany's mother treated her as if she were sent from God as a replacement for the child she could never let go of. Even to the point of talking to a picture of the dead girl on a regular basis and seeking advice from "Terry" before she sought advice from God.

And it was as if the other older siblings didn't even exist. Or the dad.

Anyway, if you've never watched the show, it follows an addict who has agreed to be filmed for a documentary about addiction. But really they are setting the addict up for an intervention involving family members and a trained "interventionist" with the goal of sending the addict off to a nice recovery center usually in California or Florida.

So mom drives Brittany to buy drugs, because she doesn't want her "ending up a cold case" somewhere. They show them driving in neighborhoods to drug houses.

Then this morning I see this: Meth lab busted in North Jefferson County.

Could it be that the sheriff was watching Intervention and learned the location of some drug houses? I doubt it, actually someone called in and reported the meth lab.

Brittany's story will be aired again today at 12:00. But they show them over and over, so I'm sure you can catch it sometime in January.

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