The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas at the Castle

First, let me congratulate Alabama on their season. I know I am an Auburn fan, but Alabama deserves a little praise for going 12-0 before losing to Florida in the SEC championship game.

Florida is hard to beat. The last two times Auburn played Florida, oh wait, we beat them!!!! Twice!!!!

20-17 in 2007 and 27 - 17 in 2006. Maybe St. Nick should have watched the old tapes of Auburn and Florida to see how to stop Tim Tebow and the Gators. Oh well, that's history.

And I know, Bama will be going to the Sugar Bowl on New Years and Auburn's sitting at home watching. Maybe I can get a trip to New Orleans out of the deal.

Saturday night friends of "The Castle" in Bessemer were treated to a show, thanks to Jonathon and Kyle. Lavish decorations throughout the house and a stage over the pool added to the already grand atmosphere of the place. Several hundred people watched performers brave the cold and...perform... on the stage. No one fell in the water, no one got burned when fire ringed the pool (that was planned).

Here a a few pictures. The quality is poor, I was using my phone because I left the camera in the car and was not about to leave my place by one of the heaters around the pool.

Within a few days maybe there will be a video of the performers. If so, you know where to find it.
Thanks guys for hosting a great party.


Trey said...
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Trey said...

I've heard that party is a hoot. Maybe I'll try to make it next year. Its been a while since I saw a good "show".