The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Monday, November 28, 2011

Suddenly things are better

All we've heard form Republicans is gloom and doom for the last three years. The American public apparently bought into it, and elected a bunch of Tea Party Republicans in 2010. But anyone with any sense knew that the recovery from the GOP induced recession would be a slow process.

Things were bound to get worse because of the election of Barack Obama as president. During the last few weeks of his campaign in 2008 I remember hearing callers on radio shows like Rush Limbaugh saying they were employers and were letting people go (i.e. firing them) because Obama was going to be elected.  In other words, they wanted things to look bad after his election. Limbaugh said he wanted president Obama to fail.

Apparently, they still feel that way. This sign is in Georgia.

I think Americans have opened their eyes to the Republican agenda (which is a spectrum of bad policy): do anything to keep Obama from getting re-elected (Mitch McConnell), even if it includes destroying the economy, and since it is no longer fashionable to hate black people, let's spread the hatred to brown people and gays, to point out a couple of things.

But of course all along we've been seeing signs of a recovering economy: stock market moving up, joblessness decreasing. Now, however, it's undeniable. Black Friday showed huge increases this year compared to last year, and predictions for cyber Monday (today) are the same.

Small business Saturday seemed to have good results also.  Even the president went into a small DC bookstore with his kids shopping on Saturday, at (gay friendly) Kramer Books on Dupont Circle.

So, if sales around the Christmas holiday are any indication of the mood of the country and the willingness of the public to forget the GOP hype and resume normal living, then this season may just be a turning point.

It's hard to imagine any of the Republican presidential candidates actually winning the general election after the things they have said and done (or denied doing). Even so, Democrats must realize that they can't take anything for granted, but with these indications that things are improving the wind will be let out of the sails of the GOP ship of fools.

It's not even December yet, but I am predicting a happy holiday season, and success for the democrats in 2012.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Early Bessemer

On Thursday, November 17, the Bessemer Hall of History will host Jason Burnett, author of "Early Bessemer," in celebration of the publication of the book.

Early Bessemer is a history of the city in pictures and should prove interesting to all of us in Bessemer. The pictures came from the Hall of History's collection, and date back to before the city was founded in 1887.

The celebration will last from 5 to 8 pm.