The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sarah Palin and Witchcraft

Sarah Palin has protection from witchcraft. Well, if Pastor Thomas Muthee's prayers are effective. He and others laid hands on Palin and gave her this protection.

This is a little bit troubling.

First of all, witchcraft in this country was dealt with in Salem a few hundred years ago. We don't have troublesome witchcraft in this country. Yikes! A picture just fell off the wall. Maybe we do. But if you're going to be praying for deliverance from witchcraft and demons, shouldn't you be in Washington laying hands on W?

Second. This Pastor is a Kenyan preacher. He, along with others, used "spiritual mapping" to hunt down a witch named Mama Jane, who they believed was causing crime and spiritual oppression in the area, and blamed car accidents in the area on her. He whipped the town into a frenzy and the people wanted to stone her. Police tried to intervene, and thought they were being confronted by a demon when they entered her house. Alas, it was just her pet python, but they shot it anyway.

Third. And the media tells us Jeremiah Wright was wacko and divisive? They need to look into this guy.

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Anonymous said...

ok some Kenyans probably still believe in witchcraft. but more like demons i would think. voodoo. that kind of thing. at least he did not say God damn America for all this country stands for. now to sit there and here that bigot for 20 years(and stay in the church and call him a mentor) and do or say nothing is a problem to me. to accept a blessing from a visiting Kenyan pastor. not a problem.