The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Republican Convention Day 1

Republican Convention Day 1

Nothing important happened. Oh, Laura Bush, who most people respect, and Cindy McCain, who needs fashion advice, spoke in a non-partisan plea for people to come to the aid of those affected by hurricane Gustav. People should do this. This is not a contest, but you can do this through either campaign, or through the Red Cross, or in a number of other ways.

RNC Cause Greater link

Barack Obama Together We Can Help

Red Cross

Interesting that Republicans tried to make a case after Michelle Obama gave her speech that Democrats had wasted the first day of their convention, and then Karma catches up with them, because as far as promoting their agenda, the first day of the Republican convention was wasted.

Because as Gustav was pounding Louisiana, without the worst case effects that many feared, the talk on news outlets began to address other issues. And instead of beginning to address Republican convention news, they began to report on issues related to Sarah Palin.

I have some issues about Sarah Plain and John McCain that I wonder about, and I will raise them as questions here.

It is reported that John McCain really, really wanted Joe Lieberman as his running mate. Reports are that Republican big wigs did not want a pro-choice candidate on the ticket. A floor fight might have erupted at the convention had Lieberman been chosen. My question: Does McCain's choice of Palin represent a lack of balls on McCain's part, a weakness that he can't stand up for what he wants?

Sarah Palin made a choice (key word) to have a child that will require a lot of care, more care than the average child. No one will argue with her choice. But what does it say about her that she would seek a job that will require her to travel and be away from that child, and be a heartbeat away from a job that will really take all of her time (since she will be learning on the job) such that she will not be there to care for the child...or taking care of the child might distract her from very important national security issues. My question: Should a mother of a special needs child take a job that may interfere with her caring for that child?

Sarah Palin knows (or does she) that candidates for president and vice president are placed under media scrutiny. She made a choice to accept this challenge in spite of the spotlight that she knew would be focused on her family. My questions: What does it say about Sarah Palin that she would force her 17 year old daughter in to the media spotlight when the daughter is dealing with personal issues? Why would she place her future grandchild in the position of always being known as the child...whatever?

Palin does not know what the vice-president does, so she may not have realized the type of scrutiny that goes on down here in the lower 48. My question: should a candidate for the vice presidency actually know what the vice president does?

Palin sought and received millions of dollars in earmarks and pork for her town of Wasilla when she was mayor. My questions: Does this show that she is not the anti establishment maverick she claims to be? Was she for the "bridge to nowhere before she was against the bridge to nowhere?"

Sarah Palin was director of the "Ted Stevens Excellence in Public Service, Inc.," a 527 group that was formed to raise money for Republican women. My question: is Sarah Palin really against earmarks and lobbyists money or only when it benefits her politically?

Sarah Palin is under investigation for abusing her position as governor to get her brother in law fired, and the firing of Walt Monegan. Monegan claims his refusal to fire Wooten was a major reason that Palin dismissed him.

Palin had a press conference addressing this issue in early August. See raw video of the press conference here. Republicans, used to avoiding indictments and prison time, may fully believe that Palin is innocent, but investigations are sometimes tricky and indictments sometimes unexpected. My question: Is it wise for a political party to nominate a candidate that may soon be in prison?

Other questions are over to the left, in a poll about the choice of Sarah Palin as John McCain's running mate.


Anonymous said...

An interesting post, in two ways. Glenn and I wondered why Michelle wasn't with Laura and Sarah. Is it because she wasn't asked to help them with the nonpartisan effort? I can't imagine she wouldn't have gladly joined them otherwise.

All those questions about Sarah Palin are perfectly legitimate - they don't get into immediate family privacies. They do address extremely relevant questions. It will be interesting, won't it, to see how the traditional media play all this. For if they don't pursue it, people like most of my relatives won't ever hear anything about it.

Anonymous said...

She will be learning on the Job??? And Obama won't?

She has been a Mayor. She has been a Governor. She actually has experience.

As for what accepting this says about Palin, it says that she is a real person. She is not hiding from issues that each and every one of us have to deal with on a daily basis.

As usual, Republicans have real, honest, sincere candidates, and Dems have a 'pretty boy' saying whatever he thinks needs to be said to get votes.

Did Fred Thompson hit a home run last night with his address or not? Any American with an ounce of common sense will vote for McCain/Palin.