The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

McCain's Economic Fundamentals

John McCain, in his own words, admitted he "doesn't really understand economics," and, if you remember back to January he indicated he depends on advisers like Phil Gramm. Well Gramm, and by extension McCain, of course, said we are just in a "mental recession" and that America is made up of a "nation of whiners".

Investors and common folk are whining today, after yesterday's Wall Street meltdown, and McCain has solidified his misunderstanding of the economy by proclaiming that the "fundamentals" of our economy are strong.

If people were not really suffering, whether it is from $4.59 gasoline, shrinking wages, rising unemployment, unaffordable health care, disappearing retirements or losing their house, McCain's response to the crisis yesterday would be comical.

"Senator McCain, what economy are you talking about?" Obama asked.

I will tell you what economy he is talking about...the Bush economy. Here is what he is trying to do. McCain is trying to convince you that the Bush economy is strong, because he is offering nothing different from the policies that got us into this mess.

And we can not afford to elect McCain as "Bush 44", and we can not afford 4 more years of Bush economics.

While we are waiting to see what happens with the economy today, we can consider whether Sarah Palin is a racist, and whether she called Obama "Sambo" and Hillary a "Bitch"?

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Anonymous said...

You’re the child of an African father, reared by a white mother and an Indonesian step-father, then by white Midwestern grandparents, plus have been poor, middle-class and rich, yet you're too much of an elitist to be able to relate to the average American.
However, own so many houses that you can't remember how many, or be totally unaware of what a "middle-class income" is, or respond to the final Democratic primary by saying, "So the coon beat the b*tch!" and you're the best choices for President and Vice President of one of the most diverse societies on earth.Be very afraid!