The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Thursday, September 4, 2008

RNC Day 3 Sarah Palin

For the last 6 days we have been hearing how the bar would be lowered for Sarah Palin, and that she should be given special consideration .

Well here's a question for you. Why in the world should the bar be lowered for someone who wants to be vice president, and is a heart beat away from being Commander in Chief?

When did we start lowering the bar for those offices? Well, that question is easy to answer. The bar had to be lowered to allow George W. Bush to be elected. Meg Whitman made that point last night when she pretty much said "We haven't done anything for you for the past 8 years, but vote for us again."

But the night clearly belonged to Sarah Palin, and with the bar lowered, she did her thing. Watch the video.

Oh, sorry, wrong clip. Well, that's what happens when pundits talk and the microphone is left on. Republican strategist Mike Murphy and darling Peggy Noonan were caught giving their true opinions of the pick of Sarah Palin.

Murphy: "It's not gonna work."
Noonon: "It's over."
Question: "Is she the most qualified woman?"
Noonan: "Qualified? No!"
Noonan: "I think they went for the, 'scuse me, political bullshit about narratives. Every time the republicans do that, because that is not where they live and that's not what they are good at, they blow it."

But to hear them when they know the mike is on, she is a brilliant pick.

Now for the speech itself. Remember I said I was impressed with Obama because with him the days of division are ending. "Hateful , divisive politics will not be part of his campaign, " from my Western Tribune column.

But hateful, divisive talk was the main focus of Palin's speech. Both her and Rudy made sarcastic fun of community organizers, thus poking fun at Obama. It's OK to poke a little at your opponent, but sarcasm and demeaning comments might play well with the House of Lords, but not with middle America. If you have lost your job and are about to lose your home, you might like a community organizer to help you find new work.

In communities in our county, I think of community leaders that I know here in Bessemer, in Norwood, in Ensley, in Crestwood, in Hoover, and I think of the people they have helped. What Palin did was a great dis-service to volunteers on all levels.

And still the Republicans are offering nothing for the economy.

And the Republicans had poor time management last night, and did not get to show the video that would show America more about Palin. I wonder if the video would have told us:

Sarah Palin wants to ban "offensive" books from our libraries.

Sarah Palin supported the "bridge to nowhere," before she opposed it.

Sarah Palin wants creationism taught in our public schools.

Sarah Palin wants women who seek to end their pregnancies caused by rape or incest to be charged as criminals.

Sarah Palin will support a president whose policy is and who voted against equal pay for women.

Sarah Palin is still facing possible indictment.

Palin was strong last night, however, but voters vote for the top of the ticket. And her strength will amplify John McCain's weakness as he speaks tonight.

I know this will change, and I expect Palin to give McCain a boost, but for now, I am happy to report that CNN has Obama up by 2, 47 to 45, in Ohio. Obama up by 5, 48 to 43 in Pennsylvania. Two key states.

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Anonymous said...

20 yr Alaskan and retired Army veteran that has been here in AL since 2004-

America doesn't really know how dangerous it would be for our country if she ever had to take the top job or any responsibility that involved integrity.

In 2001 Oct- AK oil was $19 a barrel- now they are in the fat, so not hard to run a budget with oil over $100 a barrel now. Also, it sure wasn't her that has a lot of republicans in jail for corruption from the oil big wigs including possibly the biggest wig, Stevens.

I am just one opinion of course!

Thanks for sharing!