The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Friday, August 8, 2008

Steve and Leah...and Dale

I sometimes listen to the Steve and Leah in the Morning show on WERC 960 AM if I am driving during their hours. Today I was fortunate enough to catch the show when Dale Jones, Editor of the Western Star was sub-hosting for Steve, who is stressed out by moving and taking the day off. Sorry Steve, but that is what they said.

I sometimes agree with Steve and Leah, but not often. And the show can be interesting, for instance, a few days ago they were discussing T. Boone Picken's energy plan, and Leah has a connection that surprised Steve. (She had dated someone who is key in his organization).

But today I had an appointment in Homewood, and when I came out around 10:00 I turned the radio on and a Toby Keith song was playing.

When the song ended they talked about Toby's upcoming movie, and although they didn't mention the name, one of them said something about "horses" so I assume "Beer for my Horses" is the movie they were talking about. Dale chimed in "He's going to be naked," in a voice expressing anticipation. I mean, like 12 year old boy anticipating seeing the high school senior prom queen next door through the blinds or something.

Leah seemed offended, "No one wants to see that," she said. "Not me," from news anchor Neal Vickers. Dale just said he was just reporting what he heard, but did not do anything to hide the excitement that was clearly evident.

Well that is what I am doing here. Just reporting what I heard. But it is always interesting when those who express hatred and homophobia regarding gay folks highlight their hypocrisy in this way.

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Anonymous said...

Dale is a regular on WERC. A couple of weeks ago he filled in for Dominick Brascia in the afternoon. But since WERC is insanely conservative (i.e. home of Rush Limbaugh) it is the perfect place for Jones.