The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Elections: Present and future

Don't forget the special city council meeting tonight at 6:00 where Earl Cochran, council president says he will set the mayor "straight" on how the city should be run. Tangled up in the mess are the poor dogs housed in the Bessemer Animal Shelter, who have been without food at least 8 times over last few months. Yet the mayor refused to accept a donation of food. That's bad, but the real question is, "Where did the money go?" The agency is budgeted sufficient funds to pay for food, so why did they not have it? The council also has other issues with the mayor, so it could be a very interesting meeting. Be there.

Be sure and read my Western Tribune column, which follows. Me? A communist?

Congratulations to both Claire Mitchell and Lawrence McAdory who were the top vote getters in yesterdays special election. The runoff will be November 10. Claire Mitchell will win.

Those who are trying to prevent health care reform must be feeling pretty chipper this morning after the Senate Finance committee rejected the public option yesterday. But it's not over. Readers like Becki who would rather see a gay person with AIDS die without treatment than have government run health care assisting him, think that most Americans agree with them, but they don't. Sixty five percent of Americans want a public option.

So Michael Moore said it right. He can count on me to join him. This is at 10:50 in the video. But watch it all.

To the Democrats in congress, who don't quite get it, I want to offer a personal pledge. I, and a lot of other people, have every intention of removing you from congress in the next election if you stand in the way of health care legislation that the people want. That is not a hollow or idle threat. We will come to your districts and we will work against you, first in the primary and if we have to in the general election. You don't think so? You think we're just gonna go along with you because you are democrats? You should think again. This is the number one domestic issue on people's minds right now.


Drew said...

"if you stand in the way of health care legislation that the people want. This is the number one domestic issue on people's minds right now".

But it's not the number 1 issue on EVERYONES minds....just the democrats minds!

Becki said...

You are PATHETIC Joe. How dare you speak incorrectly about my post without even posting it? I did NOT say that I would "rather see a person with AIDS die without treatment" - you missed the whole point. I encourage you to put my post on here. Let people see what I wrote. I am a very compassionate person, but what is happening here is not compassion, it is government control over our healthcare system. Why can you not SEE that?
But don't you DARE refer to a post of mine, yet not have courage enough to post it.

Joe said...

Show me the compassion in this.
"You've worked hard all of your life. You have been an honest, hard working, God-fearing businessman and have raised your family the best you know how. You have paid your taxes and paid your inurance premiums.
Dave, lives across the street with his "partner" Steve. He hasn't worked in months, even though he was physically able. He'll do an odd job here and there just to get by, but has never actively searched for work, b/c he likes staying home with Steve. Now Dave had AIDS, and will recieve medical treatment provided from his government healthcare that YOU funded. You were taxed at a much higher rate than most people on your street b/c you MADE IT in life. Heck, it won't affect you, after all you have millions. So YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY is now going to pay for medical treatment for the gay guy across the street. Maybe if he had TRIED to find work, he wouldn't be using that government provided healthcare that YOU are paying for. Maybe if he lived a moral life, he wouldn't have AIDS.

But that's what our country has come to, and that is what Liberal Democrats are fighting for. "

rev. bill said...

Great post Becki.

She is exactly right Joe. It is government control, it is theft, and it can't be done. It is not about not taking care of people. We should all do that no matter what. But the plan is a bad plan, and it is not the plan of a democratic society.

Joe said...

A Rev without compassion too. But many have noticed that about Bill in the past.

randy said...

You just don't get it Joe. We ALL have compassion, but mostly for our country. Nobody in this country right now is denied healthcare. If you go cut your finger this afternoon and go to the emergency room, you WILL be treated. But Gov't controlled healthcare, or auto industries, or whatever is dangerous to our democracy. That is what we are trying to tell you.

Joe said...

Oh Randy I get it all right. You have compassion for the country, but not its citizens. Sure, you can go to the ER if you cut your finger, and then I pay for it if you don't have insurance. Plus it makes my son with the broken arm or my aunt with the heart attack delayed in getting their care. You can go to the ER if you aren't feeling right because of your diabetes. I pay for it. But if you had insurance (which in this hypothetical you can't afford) you could get ongoing and preventive care and education about your diabetes and would not have ended up in the ER to begin with.

You say "Gov't controlled dangerous to our country." What you are saying is Medicare (government run healthcare) and the VA (government run healthcare) is dangerous to our country.

Drew said...

Everyone understood your comments Becki! Joe obviously thinks we should support the lazy people of the world who have no gumption to look for work. A truely disabled person who needs help from "we the people" many times can't get it because joe blow is lying about his back injury or about not being able to read or write.(I know these people)There are tens of millions of people doing this! The democrats however want to blame republicans and everyone else for being critical of obumacare. If we clean up the programs we have there is no need for reform. The dems just want to create more government so they have more agencies from wich to pilfer..

john in hoover said...

Great post Drew. You are exactly right. You too, Becki.

Dianne said...

Oh my! Children, I'm not feeling the love for my fellow man here. You don't have to be gay to get aids. Black females are the largest group with aids. But enough about that. There is plenty of room for reform in the health care industry and in the health insurance business. Right now in America there are people who cannot buy health insurance at any price. That is just wrong. You have more of a chance of dying from an infection you pick up in the hospital than from aids or automobile accidents combined. That's wrong too. I don't have all the answers but hate is sure not the answer.