The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We need the public option!!!!

Be sure to read my Western Tribune column which follows this post.

Republicans cried wolf over the president's talk to the nation's school kids. Yesterday I spoke with officials at several schools, today I will comment on that.

No, I won't. There is no need. Those who refused to allow the kids to watch are looking foolish enough without my help (McAdory Elementary, I'm talking about you). But the end result for the president's health care plan.

See, undecided people and moderates, after seeing the ridiculous way republicans behaved during August, and now hearing them cry wolf over the school issue, are realizing the Republican talking points are nothing more than scare tactics in an attempt to prevent change so that insurance companies can continue to control our health care and can continue to rake in the profits. Helping the insurance companies is more important to them than preventing children from dying because there's money available from insurance companies, but not from dead folks.

The president will speak tonight to a joint session of congress. This is rare. This is big. This is important. I hope the president will stress the importance of a public option. Here, I will let former Labor Secretary Robert Reich explain.

Maxine Waters understands.

Here's what some do not understand. The Public Option is a compromise. Single payer is what we want, but we will settle for a public option. Clear and simple.

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