The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Paris takes on McCain

Paris has responded to John McCain, and it sounds like she would join T. Boone Pickens, Richard Branson and a host of others in thinking Barack's energy plan is the one.

This is a little outside of my realm, but if I were "that" way, this would be hot.

Paris responds

Boone and Branson were on Larry King Monday night discussing energy. Add a little natural gas to the plan, Barack, and Boone would be behind you 100%. Branson wants to fly his jets using algae from the seas...OK but I don't want to be on the test flight.

If you are not familiar with Barack's energy policy, scroll down.

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Anonymous said...

Wow she's a skank. But hot. But skanky. But I like skanky. And I like hot. And she has a decent energy policy. Oh my god I think I like Paris.

I liked one of McCain's reps responses to the video. Something along the lines of "Paris supports drilling".