The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Convention Day 2

The Democrats continue to "wow" the voters of the country from Denver. Now I know that not everyone, me included, watches every speech by every democrat, but whatever speech you see inspires and restores faith that our country can return to one with respect and integrity and promise.

Lilly Ledbetter, the Alabama Goodyear worker who was paid less because she is a woman, and who took her fight for equality all the way to the Supreme Court, spoke. While I can't find an embeddable video of her speech last night, here she is explaining her fight. The right wing Supreme Court ruled that she should have filed a complaint within 6 months of her first paycheck that was different from her co-workers. Problem is, there was no way for her to know what her co-workers were being paid. She, and millions of women like her, will never receive the pay she is due.

For a full transcript of her prepared speech, click here.

Shouldn't women who do equal work receive equal pay? McCain thinks not. Obama thinks so.

Brian Schweitzer
is the Governor of Montana. When can we get him as president? This short video is an example of his ability to make a point and entertain at the same time.

"Petro-dictators will never own America's wind and sunshine"

He closed with "That's it baby, let's go win this election. God bless America."

Then came Mark Warner, the former governor of Virginia running to become senator from that state. News anchors were warning he needed to be careful because he needs moderates and conservative votes to win. That may be true, but checking the polls I see that Warner is up by 24, so I think he has some leeway and he let it loose.

Watch his speech here.

Then came Hillary, and the speech the nation has been waiting for. When she entered the arena, I realized that she is as big a celebrity as Barack. But, contrary to what McCain believes, there is nothing wrong with celebrity. America loves celebrity.

Hillary addressed her "sisterhood of the travelling pantsuits" with a sincere and powerful endorsement of Barack Obama, and I truly don't understand those who don't get it. Oh well, they will only have themselves to blame when health care becomes out of reach for even more Americans, Exxon continues to rack up record profits, and we have to start eating grass and pine comes from our backyards. Oh yeah, and when we are fighting wars on so many fronts that it is impossible to win and finish any of them, and their sons and daughters or making their third and fourth deployment. That is the future under John McCain. Oh, and when our science textbooks are written by theocrats that care more about controlling kids than teaching them science. That is McCain.

Wake up people.

While Hillary's endorsement of Barack was anticipated and necessary, her case against John McCain was clear and accurate. Here she sums it up in 56 seconds.

Watch the full speech here.

Immediate reaction was positive, from every news site except Fox, who obviously lost the feed from the convention floor and did not see the speech. That is the only explanation.


Rachel Maddow: She just nailed it


Anderson Cooper: Electrified everyone, and got them out of their seats.

David Gergan: Her finest moment in politics.

Then Fox:

Bill Kristol: Shockingly minimal endorsement.

Mort Kondracke: Agreed with Kristol.

Fred Barnes: I think the Obama people will complain.

Next time guys, watch the speech before you comment on it.

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Anonymous said...

"and we have to start eating grass and pine cones from our backyards"

McCain wants me to eat pine cones? Well I guess if you boil them a couple hours they may be a bit more palatable but I bet they would still taste a little earthy.

The Lilly Ledbetter case was an interesting one. Both herself and Goodyear made good arguments in the initial case (in a nutshell: hers was that she was given less pay because she is a woman, Goodyear's was that the pay was based on individual evaluations) The court to my knowledge didn't even look into Goodyear's evaluation process to see if women in their employ received merit marks on par with the men but still received lower pay. This type of practice would have made the fact that she received lower pay discriminatory.

Instead it appears they looked at legal technicalities that, while related to the issue, didn't address the actual complaint. I am not a fan of Ginsburg but I feel her dissent was spot on in this case.