The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Monday, August 25, 2008

New From Bessemer Opinions

You can park on Bessemer Opinions in the morning and be set for the day. To the left, find current weather and local radar (you can animate the radar and see where the rain is going).

Then catch the local news top stories from NBC 13.

Keep up with news from the Democratic Convention with the feed from the DNC blog. (after the conventions this will change to National News).

And as always, news of interest to the GLBT community from 365 Gay.

Remember to use your back button to return to Bessemer Opinions from these feeds.

Return frequently during the day to catch headlines or weather...all in one stop...Bessemer Opinions.


Anonymous said...

no sports feeds? how about a republican blog to keep it fair. and how about some more womens volleyball pictures?

Joe said...

There was a sports feed during the Olympics.

There may be one during college football, if I find one I like.

I might feed from the Republican Convention, I'm sure that will give me plenty to react to. Or I might just feed from the Democrats during the GOP convention.

But remember, this is a Progressive site, and that is the antithesis of current Republicans.

We will see about the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joe, Thanks for featuring the news feed! My move from to has been a good one.

-Kristen in Lakewood

Joe said...


You're welcome. I'm glad to be able to offer local news feeds, and NBC 13 seems the best.