The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

China and the Olympics

As I watch the Olympics and see records being broken, sweeps in the hurdles and American team sports moving toward medals I try, as the athletes must, to avoid letting the policies of China spoil the games.

All in all the production is great. Credit the Chinese government for that, along with NBC sports. Even the fake "footsteps" and singing in the opening ceremonies were so overshadowed by the 2000 drummers, printing blocks and other effects that it doesn't seem to matter.

There is an image in my mind (and on my DVR) that shows a proud young Chinese woman, carrying the sign announcing her country's team, followed by Yao Ming and little nine year old hero Lin Hao. This is the China we are supposed to remember. The new "chairman" Yao, a tiny hero, the future, and elegant grace, proud and traditional.

But outside the Bird Nest and the Swim Cube, there is a lot going on. Or not.

The Chinese government set up three areas for protests to occur, but there are no protests going on.

There are reports of would be protesters being arrested when making application to protest.

China will learn that it can't have it both ways. They cannot have their cake and eat it too.

Either you allow freedom of speech, or you don't.

Either you allow freedom of expression, or you don't.

Either you respect human rights, or you don't.

I think the Olympics are bringing attention to the problems in China. Will the attention bring change?


Anonymous said...

Either you allow freedom of speech, or you don't.

I guess you dont follow that sentiment now do you? Freedom of speech everywhere but this "blog"

Joe said...

Oh right. Just because I deleted your post that promoted the Republican lies regarding the Democratic candidate, does not mean I don't allow freedom of speech.

What I don't allow is lies, swiftboating, and such.

Besides, study the constitution and you will learn that freedom of speech refers to government control, not what a publisher or blogger decides to allow or not allow.

Anonymous said...

What is swiftboating?

Joe said...

Swiftboating is a technique used in politics, developed and used by republicans, in which you attempt to destroy a candidates character by spreading lies about his past.