The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Monday, August 25, 2008

Thoughts Before the Convention

As the Democratic convention begins, I have a few thoughts:

Joe Biden: A good choice, although several others would have also been good. But that does not matter, what is important now is what Joe Biden brings to the ticket. Which includes a type of stability. Barack is all about change, but too much change makes people nervous. Had he chose a total outsider there are some voters who would have thought that was too much change.

Blue collar guys. Biden is a friend of the lunchbox crowd, as they say. He can bring in votes in working class neighborhoods in Pennsylvania, Ohio and other areas.

Comfort. Older women in Florida ( and elsewhere) might be more comfortable with Biden on the ticket

Experience. Biden's foreign policy experience surpasses any that McCain has, and while Biden is not at the top of the ticket, it still is an assett.

Homes. Biden has one. Only one.

Hillary voters. They say 27% of Hillary supporters are saying they will vote for McCain. How could Hillary voters cast a vote for McCain? Are they more concerned about their self interest and egos than the future of our country. I hate to be critical, but do they not care about our children, about bringing soldiers home, about choice, about the environment, about the economy? I really believe they will re-think a foolish choice.

Polls. About that 27%. That is just ridiculous the way the TV pundits are saying this pushes Pennsylvania and Ohio to McCain's column. here is their logic. Real Clear Politics today has Obama up 48 to 42 (rounded) in Pennsylvania. Worry warts say that the 27 % changes things and McCain is leading. But if they are already saying they will vote for McCain, aren't they already included in the 48-42 totals? The news guys are counting them twice.

Local talk. The right talkers must not have much to say about Biden as the choice for VP. On the Steve and Leah show this morning, Leah was ranting about Obama and Biden wearing shirts and ties without jackets for the announcement. For 10 minutes at least, that's all she could come up with. I admit I only listened for 15 minutes, but 2/3 of the time was taken up by that? Vice presidential announcements should be done wearing a jacket, she said. Emily Post?

Stay tuned.

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