The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Barack Obama has topped 50% in the polls. No, not that poll, rather the one asking who you would rather carpool with, from Lifetime's Every Woman Counts campaign. 51% would rather carpool with Obama, 31% with McCain.

As far as the vote goes, 49% of women polled said they are supporting Obama and 38% are supporting McCain. The poll asked a lot of questions about women’s views on veepstakes, what Hillary supporters think and more.

A new CBS poll this morning has Obama 45% and McCain 39%.

The new Time poll shows Obama with a 46% to 41% lead. As to likeability, "Obama beats McCain 65% to 20%; as for which is the real candidate for change, he leads 61% to 17%. Obama also beats McCain 48% to 35% on who understands voters' concerns best, another key indicator of appeal."

And in a poll with local interest, Representative Artur Davis released this yesterday (from Left in Alabama :

…a majority of Alabama voters now say that Alabama is ready to elect an African American governor in 2010. Fifty three percent of Alabamians agree that the state is ready, while 37% disagree.

Of course, that does not necessarily mean we are ready to elect Artur Davis, but he’s got a year or so to work on it. He certainly does not hold favor among the gay community, because of
this (ignoring history) and this (Artur in Bessemer).

However, the gay community is more faithful to the values put forth by the party than the candidates often are, and will support the Democratic nominee in 2010 regardless of who it is. Maybe.

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