The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Weekend Follies, Including Sarah Palin

Time for some weekend humor, especially after thinking about John McCain's VP pick for a day. In addition to what I have already said, she wants to treat "creationism" as science, and have it taught in our public schools. Creationism and intelligent design are not science.

Plus, yesterday I was driving to the grocery store, and on WERC 960 on the Dominick Brascia show, his guest Dale Jones and Hunter Ford were discussing politics and the VP choice, and comparing her to Joe Biden. Then they began to criticize Biden, bringing the old charge of plagiarism. Several comments from Jones, and I just started laughing in the truck because of this irony.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

And then, after posting the link to the story about Sarah Palin and the Polar Bears, I see part of an ad, on Fox no less, about Polar Bear extinction and the reality of what is happening, I think from the World Wildlife Fund. Polar Bears in danger, not funny.

I doubt this is the same ad, but it gives the same message:

Anyway, I received a copy of the Republican National Convention agenda for Day 1.

Here it is.

7:00 pm – Ceremonial burning of the U.S. Constitution
7:15 pm – Spiritual Medium Sylvia Browne performs psychic séance in desperate attempt to raise Ronald Reagan from the grave
7:35 pm – "The Pleasures of Adultery" - with Newt Gingrich & Rudy Giuliani
8:05 pm – Gay sex party in Men's Restroom hosted by Senator Larry Craig
8:35 pm - Transvestite Ann Coulter – "My Life as a Man"
8:55 pm – Live satellite feed from Federal Prison – Ohio Rep. Bob Ney Mr. GOP, Jack Abramoff
9:05 pm – Guest speaker ex Florida congressman Mark Foley "Joys with Young Boys"
9:25 pm – Oliver North – "Iran is Evil, but I sold them weapons anyway"
9:40 pm – Bill O' Reilly – "The costs of sexual harassment and phone sex with employees" 10:00 pm – Gay sex party in Men's Room hosted by Ken Mehlman and Geraldo Rivera
10:25 pm – Check John McCain to see if he's still breathing and if his adult diaper needs changing.
10:35 pm – N.R.A. President hosts an assault rifle target practice on Gays and Mexicans.
10:45 pm - Call emergency squad after a drunken Dick Cheney accidentally shoots his friend in the face.
11:00 pm – President Bush performs his hilarious comedy routine where he looks for Iraq's fictitious WMD's under guests tables.
11:15 pm – Governor Mike Huckabee does his famous uncanny imitation of Gomer Pyle.
11:20 pm – Group intervention to get Rush Limbaugh back into drug rehab
11: 45 pm – Go up on rooftop and throw rocks down at homeless Vets sleeping in alley.
12:00 am – Live satellite feed from Federal Prison – California Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham
12:20 am – Convicted felon/Fox News analyst G. Gordon Liddy – Lock picking secrets
12: 40 am – Guest speakers Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz – "How to lie your Country into a War"
1:00 am – Former House Majority Leader Tom Delay – "Tips on Money Laundering"
1:15 am – Hookers arrive for after party

Courtesy of DWT


Anonymous said...

ALL TOO, TOO FUNNY but maybe TOO close to the truth?!?

Anonymous said...

I am sick and tired of this so called "blog". This is nothing but a Democratic Lovers page. I used to enjoy reading about news from around Bessemer and such, but now I will not be back to this site.

Anonymous said...

Thinking that women would vote for someone just because of their gender is sexist to the max. If you want a gun-toting, staunch right-to-lifer who doesn't believe in protecting the environment, Patin is for you. This is especially true if you believe we should stay in Iraq, and that national and international experience is not important.Pro-Gun & Pro-Life, I just don't get it.