The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Friday, August 29, 2008

Day Four

America has been transformed. And on November 4 American will "stand up and say eight is enough."

There were two stories, of course. The nomination of the first minority as a candidate of a major political party, and the event celebrating the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s historic speech.

As we were watching, I heard a MAX bus drive by the house, and I thought "There are people working who are not able to watch this event unfold." Nurses, retail, convenience store workers, factory workers (those still in the United States) and others, trying to make a living, might have enjoyed the moment that 40 million other Americans did (that's a generic number, I have no idea how many watched).

So for those who have not seen the speech, here it is.

There is no need to write a long commentary on this speech. It stands alone and it speaks for itself, filling in all the gaps that were supposedly there.

Obama outlined what change means, he challenged McCain's judgement and temperament, he brought middle America back into control of the Democratic party.

Speaking of McCain's judgement and temperament, see here and here and here.

Everyone in America can feel good about this speech, and about this candidate. He leaves no doubt that he is qualified and ready to be commander in chief, and that he is ready to restore the American Dream that has been destroyed by the Republican Party.

Shawn Johnson shined as she led the Pledge wearing her peace symbol earrings. Jennifer Hudson sang the National Anthem. Brooks and Dunn music ended the event. This is middle America, the forgotten America.

As for the historic aspect of the speech and what it means for America, that will come in my Western Tribune column for next week.

In a few minutes we will know who John McCain will choose as his running mate. Expect a post about that soon after. I have an idea. Check back.

Meanwhile, enjoy Will I Am along with John Legend in their performance last night of "Yes We Can," prior to Obama's event. Sing along.

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Joe said...

I was close. AP is reporting 38 million people watched Obama's speech last night.