The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Miss USA and Progressive Republicans

Kristen Dalton

I'm trying very hard to decide why this created controversy.

First, I wonder why Perez Hilton was chosen to be a judge, but that's a different issue.

No, I wonder why they claim that Miss California Carrie Prejean lost the pageant because of her answer. That is what conservatives are claiming.

I didn't watch the pageant, but I read that Kristen Dalton, who won, also beat Miss California in the swim suit and evening gown competition. It seems she won the pageant fair and square.

From Digital City :

"Miss North Carolina USA Kristen Dalton had the highest scores of the contestants in both sections with a 9.198 in swimsuit and a 9.470 in gown."

This seems more like a Fox News type fabricated controversy to make it seem that someone was victimized because of her conservative views.

Who cares what a Miss USA contestant thinks about an issue? Sure, it's a little disappointing that she's not more enlightened, but this is a contest where women parade around in bikinis, after all.

So let's not get distracted by one beauty queen's view. She's allowed to have her view. But it's also right to point out that the country is moving past her view at lightning (well, slow lightning) speed.

Take this for instance.

Meghan McCain, daughter of Senator John McCain, describes herself as a "progressive Republican", is liberal on social issues and says she was "raised a Christian, an open minded Christian." She supports same sex marriage.

The future of the Republican Party depends on people like Meghan McCain. But for now, the party is controlled by...controlled by...well, for now the party is out of control.


Joe said...

Oh yeah. This post is also meant to appease those who say I post too many pictures of hot guys and not enough of hot women.

Kathy said...

I'd like to think that she lost points for being so uninformed as to think that everyone in this country has the right to marry. Looking good in a bikini and having brains are not mutually exclusive. If we have to be represented by a Miss USA, I'd prefer one who actually knows something about current issues.

Fox News, on the other hand, isn't at all interested in reporting the facts. Controversy is so much more fun.

Joe said...

I agree she may have lost points, but I still think Ms. Dalton won fairly. And I agree, I would rather have a Miss USA who is current on the issues.

And maybe, had Ms. Prejean won, she might have had a platform to express her outdated views. As it is, she will be forgotten within a week.

And what I meant by the bikini statement is that, try as they may to update the image of such contests, they will always place more importance on boobs than brains. Sorry.

oh brother said...

I for one am very happy to live in a land where we can say that 100 years ago a woman would not be able to wear a bikini in public but now they are shown on national TV. I love progress.

And how did Perez Hilton get on as a judge? For Pete's sake the guy draws penises on people faces for a living.

kristi said...

Fox News isn't interested in reporting the facts? LMAO. OMG...stop it please. If it were not for Fox News we would NEVER KNOW the facts. God help us if we always had to watch CNN (such as that crazy Susan Roesgen and her slanted-to-the-point-of-falling-over coverage of the 'tea party'. I see people like her and thank GOD that we have Fox News.

john in hoover said...

GREAT ANSWER Miss Califonia. Proof indeed that you can have looks AND brains. Plus, any guy that would look at that body and still want to be with another guy says a lot in and of itself as well.


Joe said...

Sure it says a lot, John. It says that they have a natural same sex orientation and attraction to other guys.

Dan said...

Natural? hhhmmm...that's a stretch. But I know, I know. YOu just want to be accepted. You just want people not to call you a Baptist Sissy. We got that. And if someone DOES oppose you, they should be cuffed and hauled off to prison. I'm surprised Miss California didn't get arrested of a hate crime after that.

Joe said...

Why would they call me a Baptist sissy? I am not and have never been a Baptist. I am not and have never been a sissy. I can take care of myself. I ahve never called for an end of free speech or suppression of opinions.

See that's what's wrong with yall. You just look though a dark and empty tunnel and always see and say the same thing, without considering what is around you. Like science and evidence and history and such.

rev. Bill said...

She spoke the truth. And had cheers behind her. Thank God.

Javi said...

Joe, I must commend you for your patient and intelligent, respectful replies to the intolerant, name-calling comments people feel compelled to leave.

The contestant that won the pageant was not chopped liver. Miss California lost fair and square and for her to try to pass it off as a result of her answer, is, well, sour grapes.

Joe said...

Rev. Bill,
and a few jeers as well.

Uncle Javi,
I appreciate it.

Dan said...

Oh come on Javi....if the tables were turned and that same contestant had made liberal, pro-homosexual comments and then lost, you would be SCREAMING FOUL. You guys always ignore injustice when it goes your way.