The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My New Job

Food for thought.

I have a new job as Program Coordinator for Alabama Victory Gardens.

Alabama Victory Gardens is a non-profit organization whose mantra is "growing communities - one urban garden at a time." In response to the food insecurity issue in our part of Jefferson County we have recognized a need to which are responding.

Alabama Victory Gardens will will help to improve our community in several ways. In addition to addressing hunger and food insecurity, we will offer entrepreneurial opportunities by creating sustainable green jobs and will strengthen communities by involving community members in the growing, distribution and preserving of foods.

Community gardening is occurring all over.

This community garden is in West Philly.

We will also introduce youth to Agricultural Careers and provide work opportunities for students.

We plan to return 50% of our produce to the neighbors of the garden in similar form to this box of veggies. This box of produce is in Great Britain.

Like I said, it's occurring all over. And we need it here.

This project is beginning in Bessemer but already interest is growing in nearby cities in our area. I have a feeling that we will surpass our initial objective of five gardens in Bessemer quickly.

We have a great role model for our efforts. First Lady Michelle Obama helped these kids prepare the vegetable garden at the White House. (They are still talking about this on the Today show this morning).

Within a few days we will have a web site at (the site will be open in a day or two). Until then, for more information contact me. My contact information is in the column on the left.

I introduced Alabama Victory Gardens to the community in my column in this week's Western Tribune as well. That column follows this post. Or click here.


Javi said...

Congrats, Joe!

Joe said...

Thanks, Javi.

Loretta Nall said...

Yay Gardening!!

I come from a long line of agrarians. My Memaw and Pepaw grew all of their own veggies and raised all of their own meat. The only things Memaw ever bought from the store were sugar, chocolate, lemons, tea, coffee and sweet n low.

Last year we spent our income tax refund on a large tiller and had a great garden. This year we are doing it again and have added some chickens, ducks and a goat. Here are some pictures if anyone wants to peek.