The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Local Pirates

Do we live in Somalia?

Sometimes it seems that way. Pirates near that country have vowed to step up their attacks and are keeping their word. Several ships have been hijacked since Maersk Alabama captain Richard Phillips was rescued. The pirates even attacked a U. S. ship, the Liberty Sun, but didn't make onto the vessel.

Here in Bessemer it seems that land pirates are taking over the neighborhood. A neighbor in the historic south side was kidnapped from his home and forced at gunpoint to retrieve money from ATM's night before last. I'm not going to provide any details or the name of the victim, but many of you know the person.

As if that wasn't enough, two other attempts within a couple of blocks have been reported from the past weekend. Those were unsuccessful, fortunately.

Do we read anything about this in the news? No.

Do we have any statements from law enforcement warning residents to be extra careful and assuring us that they are on top of this? No.

Should the sheriff's department or some other agency come to Bessemer if the local police can not control crime here? Yes.

All we can do is be careful, be aware of your surroundings, use your alarm system (your system can be updated to work even if phone lines are cut), and keep your gun handy.

Well after that downer, if you need a smile, watch this video of Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent this week. Susan Boyle. She wowed even Simon, and the crowd went wild. I couldn't embed it, but it's a must watch. Really. Really.


oh brother said...

I had a situation in Birmingham where the Birmingham police were non-responsive to complaints of a drug house. The county was eventually notified of the situation and after a brief investigation they shut the house down and threw the dealers in jail. You can also look at cases in Lipscomb where the County had to step in and enforce the law. If Bessemer PD is non-responsive to complaints I would let the county know.

Alarm systems, pet dogs, vigilance, good neighbors, and 00 Buck are all good deterrents to this type of violent crime.

Javi said...

I saw the video of Susan Boyle belting it out. She has an amazing voice! I'll be curious to see how they polish her image once she gets her recording contract!

Anonymous said...

How wonderfully refreshing to see the response Susan Boyle got for her magnificant voice! For once someone who is truely gifted was appreciated despite the fact that she is not a cute, sexy, half dressed young thing...
Recognition for her ability should give some measure of hope to the marginalized who are discounted and overlooked because they don't fit some popularity mold.
Hooray for Susan!