The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bessemer = New York? Why Not?

I don't see why not, at least in this respect.

In New York High Line Park will soon open. An abandoned railway is being turned into a park in the sky. Their park will be 1.45 miles long, winding 22 blocks through Manhattan's Meatpacking district and West Chelsea. The area's gays will love it. And the area is full of 'em. Of course, others will enjoy it too. We don't hog all the fun.

Aside from that, according to press, it is only the second elevated park - the first being Promenade plantee in Paris. Now, I can't believe that there are no other elevated railways turned park in our country, but that's what the Advocate says. But what about this?

Here in Bessemer we have the abandoned rail line that spans Carolina Avenue and turns parallel to First Avenue. It's wide enough for a bike/walking trail and then some.

It could be extended over Arlington and Berkeley Avenues. The infrastructure is already there.

It would span across Berkley Avenue here.

And could continue across Clarendon, Dartmouth and on...and meet up with an extension of Red Mountain Park if our city leaders would look into it. The Auburn University Urban Studio already thought of this. I have plenty of these proposals/maps if anyone is interested in what could happen in Bessemer. In there plan the elevated park comes down to ground level somewhere before the Hall of History.

Please be sure that your favorite Bessemer leader sees this.

Uh-oh. I'm seeing coffee shops and art galleries again.


Anonymous said...

If the stimulus wish list that the city turned in to the National Association of Mayors is any indication, they want to demolish the train trestle. Older leadership wanted it to be a portion of a rails-to-trails project but that was abandoned too.

Ed said...

Great idea. Let's see Earl, Dot and Sarah run with this!