The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Monday, April 27, 2009

Art of All Types

Be sure and read my Western Tribune column from last week, which follows this. It's a prelude to this week's column, which will be in Wednesday's paper, avaliable Tuesday.

The Magic City Art Connection is over but the art lives.

This drawing of our current president and a former president was on prominent display at Magic City Art Connection. Steve Shepard's art work often carries a message.

This one says;

"Mine eyes have seen the glory of Obama's fateful win, He has trampled down the Bushes who we'll never see again. He has loosed the fluid lightning of his mightier swift pen: Torture and War will end!!

Barack Obama Hallelujah. Barack Obama Hallelujah. Barack Obama Hallelujah. His change will save us all."

I own one of Steve's drawings of Barack Obama. Steve told us yesterday that he is a cousin of Shepard Fairey, who painted the famous Obama Hope painting. Talent, and politics, run in the family, I guess.

Now what is this? These colorfully costumed ladies were gathered near the fountain in Linn Park yesterday.

Just as colorful was the most expensive piece of art work that I saw there: this collection of insects. All of the insects are accurately painted on paper by Jennifer Ivory. She uses mylar, horsehair, feathers and other materials in her work.

This collection was priced at $35,000. All I have to say is, it beats capturing poor little butterflies and murdering them with chloroform or whatever. I was guilty of that as a kid.

One other artist of note was Karen Elise Cohen whose computer generated paintings are both thought provoking and eye catching. Although created on a computer they are difficult to reproduce on a computer, as she admits on web site. My favorite is "For Love" but I couldn't get a good image of it. Here's a detail from it, though. Click on gallery and figurative to see "For Love"and click here to see the Rebecca Series for some really "wow" paintings.


randy said...

Yes. Torture will end. Now, when we pick up a suspected terrorist, here is our method of interrogation:

"Will you PLEASE tell us what you know? Please? Pretty please with a cherry on top? We are beggig you, mister. We really need to know. PLEASE? Oh well, I guess he doesn't know anything"

Yep. Those terrorists are shaking in their boots.

Obama has become there best friend. God HELP us.

lipscomb bohemian said...

well we have a god fearing man..a follower of jesus..who claims knowledge of the bible and a holder of the truth..who wants to torture someone.
incredible this religion of your which can be adjusted to suit your whims.

Javi said...

Really interesting pieces of art! I like the butterfly piece. Reminds me of a framed set of specimens my aunt had when I was a kid. I used to go to her house and just admire the colors and patterns on the butterflies wings.

The computer art looks intriguing, the detail seems carved into the material in some areas, yet in others it seems to rise out of the material...

The Obama painting is brilliant, of course.

Thanks for sharing, Joe!

Joe said...

I will let Lipscomb speak for himself, but I know for a fact that he has read the Bible from cover to cover. Have you?

Oh, I think there may be different reasons for hatred toward our country, but I don't think it is because of the Christians here. I think it is because of our policies toward the middle east and the Arab world.

randy said...

OF COURSE YOU DO JOE. THAT is exactly what the liberal media wants you to believe. But if you will do some research instead of just watching and listening to CNN, you would KNOW that it has NOTHING to do with our policies toward the middle east.

Terrorist kill us in the name of ALLAH. It is part of their disgusting scripture that SAYS to kill anyone who doesn't worship ALLAH, specifially going after non-Muslim countries.

If we go about dealing with terrorist the way all of you suggest, this country will BE NOT LONGER within OUR lifespan.

We HAVE to walk softly and carry a big stick. Sometimes we HAVE to TORTURE in order to get information. It means we HAVE to have an OFFENSIVE military rather than a DEFENSIVE military.

Thank God we were never attacked again after 911 THANKS TO OUR PRESIDENT. But now, the clock is ticking. How much longer will they wait?

Joe said...

And we kill them in the name of Jesus. How refreshing.

You know I just read something interesting a minute ago. If you worship a mean or hateful god, you are likely to be mean and hateful. If you worship a loving God, you are likely to be a loving person.

We never, never have to torture. It is inhumane, it is un-christian, it is un-godlike. It makes us no better than them.

We got information from the Nazi's by playing chess and talking German with those in prison. Oh, but wait, we kick the Arab translators out of the service because they are gay. We (the country) would rather be mean to gays than gather information.

john in hoover said...

LMAO...Oh I cannot stop laughing. Joe, and your 'buddies' are so screwed up with your thinking and I am still amazed how easily you find it to spin both the scriptures and now the postings of those who disagree with you.

NOBODY said ANYTHING about 'killing anyone in Jesus name"

Christians don't believe that. And we are not even talking about religion here, we are talking about national security, something that Obama has no CLUE about. Sometimes we DO have to torture to get information. And don't talk to me about inhumane. My uncle was in the twin towers and he DIED that day. There is NOTHING more inhumane than what happened on OUR LAND by a bunch of nuts-o Islamic terrorists.

I am sick and tired of listening to people like you who think we can actually TALK to the enemy and get them to tell us what we need to hear. This is a new day.

We must protect our freedom. At all costs. War sucks, but yes, even in the Bible it was sometimes necessary.

Joe said...

John, I don't want you to be sick and tired so why don't just quit reading my blog.

I'm sorry for the loss of your uncle. But just as inhumane was the terrorist act by christian extremeist Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma City.

lipscomb bohemian said...

randy i am on the side of mankind.
i have read the bible..and.. i served in the military. i have read the bible straight through. i have muslim friends...never have they tried to kill me...or to convert me nor to critisize my religion. randy it just plain black and white that we will never have world peace by refusing to be friends if it is only with one person. i have all the compassion in the world for those killed on 9-11. is it really any different than some mothers son being killed or tortured by WASP. you have a very shallow view of humanity
we will do well to focus on our similarities rather than on our differences...that includes you and i as well as all of mankind.
i wish you well

Dan said...

WRONG Joe. McVeigh was not a "Christian extremist" at all.

He was a strange dude. Claims that he was 'picked on' in school, and liked to play fantasy games where he would strike back at those who had "hurt his feelings." His bombing was a protest against the government, in particular US foreign policy.

As far as his religious beliefs, he was indeed a Catholic, but fell away from the church as an adult. He once even claimed to be an agnostic.
He has also been quoted as saying "Science is my religion."

Lipscomb, in regards to your last post, there is no way you can even begin to compare the innocent people killed on 911 to suspected terrorist that we must attempt to get information from for our protection. NO MATTER HOW we have to do it.

As for us being "friends", Muslim terrorists will NEVER be our friends. EVER. They are raised to hate us. Kill us. Terrorize us. And if you think we can 'change our ways' and "be nice" to them and it will change their feelings of us, you've lost it.

Joe said...

Oh, but its not working with the gays. The young people love us.

Dan said...

First, I wrote a 5,000-word research paper on McVeigh. I've done my research. He was NOT a "Christian Extermist"...he was a borderline AGNOSTIC.

As for my three wonderful children, I do teach them love and Christlike living. We (my family) do not hate anyone. But we recognize when WE are being TERRORIZED. Do you not realize that we must take STONG, sometimes HARSH actions in order to protect our nation? Islam Extremists hate us and even mistreat each other. Did anyone see the Fox News today (b/c it was probably not shown on CNN) where they gunned down a couple who were SUSPECTED of having an affair. I'm saying this to emphasize that they care NOTHING about human life. Sure, there are crazies here in America who gun down innocent people, but THIS was a GROUP of Islamic extremists.

Sure we must love. We must teach love. But we MUST PROTECT OUR DEMOCRACY.

And for the record, will somebody please get Keith Oldbermann off the air? He has absolutely lost his mind.

John in hoover said...

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she was never told during a congressional briefing in 2002 that waterboarding or other "enhanced" interrogation techniques were being used on terrorism suspects.

But in a story published in the Washington Post in December 2007, two officials were quoted saying that the California Democrat and three other lawmakers had received an hour-long secret briefing on the interrogation tactics, including waterboarding, and that they raised no objections at the time.

john in hoover said...

The numbers are in. In his first 100 days, Obama has received MORE MEDIA COVERAGE than Bush and Clinton COMBINED in their first 100 days.

ALSO, Obama has had 58% positive coverage in his first 100 days whereas Bush has 33% positive media coverage in his.

And we don't think the media is biased towards Obama?

The numbers don't lie.

Javi said...

Did I mention that the butterflies look pretty?

lipscomb bohemian said...

dan you cant read. i never compared 911 victims with suspected terrorists. i wont comment further
i wish you well

Joe said...

What year did you write your paper?
Obama has more coverage because he is doing more.
Obama has more positive coverage because he is doing positive things!
I'm glad somebody noticed.
They don't read. Their eyes only see what they suspect will be there.

Trey said...

Did you see me frolicing in the fountains with a bunch of kids at the art day? I hardly saw any art.

Christian extremists love torture. It is a strange world.

Joe said...

I didn't see you. Saw a lot of frolickers though.

It is strange how some Christians, especially those who comment here, love to torture, even though Jesus never did. I wish they would learn what Christianity was all about.

I need to ask you something. I'll send an email.