The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Western Tribune column July 29, 2009

My column from the Western Tribune July 29, 2009.

In spite of the controversy last week following the arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates in his own home and the president’s misstatement afterwards, and in spite of the resurgence of the “birthers,” the radical right wingers who can’t believe that a “certificate of live birth” proves the same thing a “birth certificate” does, the week was refreshing.

Refreshing for at least two reasons. First, it was so nice to listen to a president explain his policies during a press conference and not be embarrassed that he is representing the nation. He spoke in clear, complete sentences, and if a listener did not understand the urgent need for health care reform as presented then the person just wasn’t listening.

Secondly, we now have a president who recognizes when he has made an error. Former president George W. Bush bristled when asked to name a mistake during a debate. President Obama called the man he offended and acknowledged that he could have chosen his words better.

As for the birth certificate issue. While I acknowledge that discussing this is a complete waste of my time for writing it, and yours for reading it, I offer this. At some time in the past, I had to order an Alabama birth certificate. It could have been when I was learning to fly, or when I got a passport, or when I applied for a driver’s license, I don’t remember. But what I do know is the folded pinkish piece of paper with the raised seal that I received is in a secure place, and on it is written “Certificate of Live Birth.”

That is what one receives from the state when one requests a birth certificate.

Likewise, in Hawaii, after such a request a “certificate of live birth” is sent. But the birthers will have none of that. They want the original. Sorry, guys, it just doesn’t work that way.

On Wednesday after the president’s press conference 8 year old Ciana Pelekai appeared on America’s Got Talent and stunned the judges with her rendition of “At Last.” Little Ciana is from Honolulu, Hawaii, or so she says. She could have been born in Kenya, and if so, should be performing on Kenya’s Got Talent. This could just be a conspiracy set in place 8 years ago to assure her the $1,000,000 top prize.

No, she’s like President Obama, born in the USA.


sweets said...

I believe it i don't want any prove..

David said...

Don't want any PROVE? GOOD GOSH - If you libs would learn how to spell, it might give a little more credibility to your posts.

I ASSUME you meant to say "I don't want any proof" which PROOFS my point exactly (I'm writing like you so you'll understand what I am saying)

You cannot allow what Olbermann or Matthews says as the gospel. They are so slanted to one side, I am surprised that hey don't fall over in their chairs.
The certificate presented is BOGUS. It doesn't even have the name of the hospital listed, and it took them FOREVER to present it.
There is indeed MUCH more to it, and if you "DON'T NEED PROVE" just because you "believe" the liberal press, then you have serious issues.

Joe said...

David I am cracking up. As you make fun of other's spelling, you write, "I am surprised that hey don't fall over in their chairs."

"Hey".. LMAO, as you would say.