The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A good story from McCalla and more COPS for Bessemer

The truth about the "birther lady" is at the end of this post. Whacko.


Fred and Reneea Ross of McCalla are raising money for orphans who have outgrown their orphanages in Romania.

The fundraising is part of a larger, sustained effort by Fred and Reneea Ross to help orphans in Romania, where they say poverty, discrimination and national policies contribute the abandonment of many children in the east European nation.

The Bessemer Rotary Club, the Adamsville Lions Club and others are also working to raise $10,000 to help complete the House of Hope home in Campulung, Romania.

The Rosses and the civic clubs are selling $1 tickets for a chance to win a $500 gift card. They hope to find organizations willing to donate matching funds. The drawing will be Aug. 25.

The Rosses spent a month in Romania last year and worked at the House of Hope. They had also visited Romania in 2005 and were already working to raise awareness for the plight of abandoned babies in the country.


In Bessemer, a $705,250 federal grant will allow the city to hire 5 new police officers. Vice President Joe Biden and Attorney General Eric Holder announced the grants yesterday. The COPS (Community Oriented Policing Services) grants will fund the officers for three years and the city must fund the fourth year, under the terms set forth. Story at

This is stimulus money, so take notice all you anti-Obama readers. Mobile got $2.5 million and Huntsville 2.6 million. Tuscaloosa got 2 million. Across the state 114 new police officers can be hired because of this stimulus grant.

View the announcement and all of the Alabama cities here.

Birther Lady

And remember the birther lady who stood up and made a fool of herself. Well, here's the truth about her. She's known as "Crazy Eileen" in Delaware, and is a regular caller to talk radio. Unfortunately you have to endure the ranting again (or forward to the 1:39 mark on the video).


Anonymous said...

It's nice what they are doing for orphans. What ever happened to our children in the states. If folks can go to another country to find orphans and children that need help how about here. I see so many kids on the streets that look like they could use a hand or two. And I don't mean dirty kids from playing outside. All these so called folks that want a pat on the back for doing good to another country aren't citizens as I see it.

TomPit said...

You know… I have to say that I was expecting the previous "Anonymous" comment. "What a maroon!" * I guess it is true that blog comments are the new-media version of the late night talk radio caller. They seem to bring out all the crazies.

Why on earth would anyone, anonymous or otherwise, make libelous statements about a local couple doing good works for orphans, regardless of where the orphans happen to reside? Give me a break…

The commentator did not say what they personally do for all those poor children that they encountered on our streets.

* B. Bunny, 1957.

Joe said...

The funny part is that anonymous believes the couple "aren't citizens." Wow, lose your citizenship over that?

And I'm pretty sure that anonymous does nothing more than look at the street kids.

David said...

Will you liberal demo's PLEASE LEARN HOW TO SPELL!!!!

Joe said...

I'm laughing at you now. "Maroon" is what Bugs Bunny said.

Go to youtube, search "what a maroon" and watch.

tompit said...

Hey David,

Will you conservative repo's PLEASE LEARN HOW TO LAUGH!!!!


Noun. As in that David guy is a real maroon. Or maybe he is an elmore. I am not certain which.