The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A quiz

Some of you receive an email when I post on this site. Do you still want this? Let me know, I am considering doing away with the service. I mean, you already know the importance of checking Bessemer Opinions daily. No? Let me hear from you.

Here is a quiz.

1. Name the country that accords natural rights to the environment in its constitution?

2. What is the most ridiculous, unfounded fear to come out of the Intermodal Facility debate as of yet?

3. Name the country music star who has a new video featuring a man in drag in a bar.

4. What is my new writing venue?


1. Ecuador. "Nature or Pachamama...has the right to persist, maintain, and regenerate its vital cycles, structure, functions, and its processes in evolution." The New Yorker

The Galapagos Islands (and the Galapagos turtle) are probably part of the reason for this. It's a good thing.

2. "My children go to school at the elementary school it will be next to. Not only are you talking about hazardous materials traveling by them every day, but also lots of employees (of a transient nature like truck drivers) within walking distance to them." In the comments on this article and reflected in The Western Tribune, "Then there were other safety sexual predators taking jobs at the planned container loading terminal so that they could be close to the children who attend McAdory Elementary School."

Are these people afraid of their own shadow? Transient truck drivers?

You know, I heard Rep. Pat Moore ask the Norfolk Southern people last week if they were going to put up a fence near the school. "They've been wanting a fence." For the record, Norfolk Southern indicated they would, and maybe all elementary schools should have a fence around them for a variety of reasons, but if you all are going to be fearful of rail road workers and truck drivers for getting jobs so they can abduct your kids, then you must also be fearful of your next door neighbors who might have bought homes near the school so they could abduct kids.

Run, hide, crawl in a hole.

3. Phil Vassar. Bobbi with an 'I'. Not good drag, mind you. But for country music, this is a big step.

Recognize the non-drag friend? Desperate Housewives? Read about the video here.

To see Vassar in all his cuteness watch this video, "This is my life."

4. I am the new Birmingham Gay Community Examiner at Most of my gay related postings, unless they pertain to Bessemer or are big, big news, will be posted on Examiner. At Examiner, you can "subscribe to email" and get an alert when I post a new article. That way, you will be up to date on GLBT issues affecting our community. As of now I have two articles, one regarding the newly enacted Harassment Prevention Act and the other about Alabama Stonewall Democrats and this week's opportunities. Coming up, an Episcopal Church update and Birmingham candidate profiles. Check it out, and spread the word about the site to all you GLBT and GLBT friendly friends.

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