The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dunn "wins" again and Bingo does as well

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Priscilla Dunn

Priscilla Dunn had been scheduled to run again on August 18 against no one. There is no Republican in the race, however, so that allows Secretary of State Beth Chapman to cancel the election and issue a certificate of election (remember, the race between Dunn and Merika Coleman was a Democratic primary runoff). Dunn could be sworn in by August.

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This will save the county $100,000, by not having to fund another election. A drop in the bucket of good news for Jefferson County, but a drop, nevertheless.

This creates an unwelcome (for Democrats) temporary power shift, however. During the probable upcoming special session which would deal with the Jefferson County occupational tax, the county House delegation will have a Republican one seat majority, because Dunn's seat will not be filled by that time. The House delegation currently is evenly split with nine Democrats and nine Republicans.

However, it may allow the County delegation to actually get something done. I mean, whether we agree with whatever action the County delegation recommends, and the special session takes up, something needs to be done.

And the governor needs to call a special election soon. We will need a representative in the House next year.


The Bessemer Council approved the Bingo ordinance this morning, as expected, and mayor Ed May has reaffirmed that he will veto it.

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Voting for it were council members Louise Alexander, Sarah Belcher, Dorothy Davidson, Jesse Matthews and council President Earl Cochran.

Opposed were council members Jimmy Stephens and Albert Soles.

If May carries out his veto, the council can vote to override him at a subsequent meeting. An override would require votes from five of the seven council members.

This is interesting.

Asked how the post (VFW Post 1762) was able to operate the machines without an electronic bingo ordinance, Calhoun (Paul Calhoun, commander of the Post) said the city had not bothered the operation (which has been operating electronic bingo machines for about a month in the shadow of City Hall).

Be sure to read my Western Tribune column tomorrow. It's about Bingo, mostly. And mayors.

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