The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Intermodal Update

Be sure and read my Western Tribune Column which follows this post, where I come out in support of the intermodal facility and give my reasons.

No Hub 4 McCalla is determined to stop the rail road giant, as reported in the Birmingham News. The group plans to file an injunction against Norfolk Southern, and the fight promises to be expensive.

Photo credit Norfolk Southern

The most recent meeting of residents was held Monday night at Lakeview Town Hall and around 100 to 125 people attended to discuss their options.

Terry Finch, a resident of the Sadler Ridge subdivision adjacent to the
planned hub site and a leader in No Hub 4 McCalla, said the group is developing
a game plan to try to fight the project on legal, environmental and regulatory
"We don't think we're beat yet," he said in an interview. "There
are a lot of avenues we can pursue. We just want to fight it as long and as hard
as we can so that we know we did all we can do."

Photo credit Norfolk Southern

It seems that misinformation is still being spread, and intentional or not, this is not going to help the efforts of the nohubbers. And while no one would expect them to sit around until the August 18 meeting at McAdory Elementary School, they really need to focus on gathering accurate information and sharing it.

Photo credit Norfolk Southern

Comments on articles about the proposal on run heavily in favor of the facility, as one has to assume that people without property interests see the economic benefits and the reduced truck traffic through Birmingham as reasons to support the hub. And it has been pointed out that every development affects someone, I mean, there were complaints when the Flying J was being built, when Letson Farms was being developed, when Colonial Tannehill was being considered.

But development next to an industrial park, adjacent to an interchange, close to a major auto plant (which is expanding and re-hiring workers), is expected.

Photo credit Tamika Moore Birmingham News

Speaking of Mercedes, some parts are now unloaded from trains in East Birmingham, and after the intermodal facility becomes operational this freight could be unloaded in western Jefferson County, taking all that truck traffic off of I-20/59 in Birmingham and Bessemer. That is good news.

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