The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Friday, July 3, 2009

Things Happening this Fourth of July Weekend

Tomorrow the crown of the Statue of Liberty will re-open and visitors will be able to climb the steps and peer out over the harbor again. Tickets are sold out through November, they say.

I guess we will have to return. After November.

News from the sports world:

Venus Williams and her sister Serena Williams will meet tomorrow in the Wimbledon final. It's a rematch of last year's final which Venus won.

They are like John Archibald (who said in his column yesterday that he doesn't vote) in that they do not vote (I am 100% sure its for differing reasons).

ORLANDO -- Karl Marx said ‘Religion is the opiate of the masses.’
Well, I’m going to take it a step further and say, ‘Religion is the opiate of them asses.’
I refer, in this particular case, to the Williams sisters, Venus and Serena. Recently when questioned about the significance of the Obama candidacy, these ladies emphatically said they would not vote because their religion strictly forbids any involvement in politics and political activity...
article in Black Athlete by Wendell Simpson.

In that case, they can never complain about the conditions in our country. And neither, I guess, should Archibald complain about our city. Oh, but that's how he makes a living. Anyway, VOTE, John.

But the sisters, they play great tennis. I think Venus will win.

Also from the sports world:

Michael Phelps' Subway ad starts this weekend. This is not it. But it's Subway.

See (David), people in our country get a second chance. We are a forgiving people, that's what we learned from the Bible. Not that Michael Phelps' inhaling was such a big deal. I mean, shouldn't marijuana be legalized?

Have a safe Fourth of July. Eat lots of ribs and enjoy the fireworks at Roosevelt Park in Bessemer.

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