The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
At our 4 person wedding reception in DC

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Things didn't start out right today

I like to read the morning paper by holding in my hand with a cup of coffee on the table. But once again, the Birmingham News did not deliver today.

I know, I could read online, but I really can't stand because of their never ending pop ups and crap.

But I did read John Archibald's column because it is about Priscilla Dunn's victory in the District 19 Senate race.

At the Lipscomb Fire Station, where 373 people are registered, just 11 came out. That's a turnout of just 2.9 percent. It's a number -- really -- that is smaller than the percentage of people who live below the poverty level in Mountain Brook.


At Fairfield City Hall, where 114 people are registered to vote, just six bothered to show up. There were 23 voters at Mulga Town Hall, 41 at Brookside City Hall, and 41 at Forestdale Square.

I'd really like to meet the voter who bothered to show up at Hueytown Community School. It's true only 39 voters in the district are registered there, but still. Only one hearty soul came.

Forget one man, one vote. We're practicing one man, one voting place...

That is absolutely pitiful. Of course, as I alluded to yesterday, it's shocking that more people voted in the runoff than in the primary.

Hey, if we can get voters in Bessemer to continue their apathy next year, maybe we can elect a progressive candidate that will offer solutions to problems rather than just thanking God for our blessings (number 9 most dangerous city in the country, potholes in every street, "thank you God").

So, I'm sitting here getting the run around regarding a writing opportunity and left to think about "Do I really want to be living here?"

No, it's not just about the crime rate. I want to see that changed. And it's not just about having air quality that keeps me confined to the house (I don't always observe the recommendations, but I do suffer when I try to have a life on "ozone" days). I would like to see that changed, too, but there's Alabama Power.

It's more about living in a city located in a county that is trying to reduce law enforcement (thankfully we have a sheriff that will stand up to the county commission), about to stop inspection services (so houses can be built without adhering to proper electrical and plumbing and construction codes...if a contractor so chooses), and is unable to support the arts and the quality of life issues that I seek.

And its about living next to a "major" city that controls the doings of the metro area, with a mayor who is an absolute nutcase. (Well, at least he supports the zoo).

Today I could continue my theme of glbt hate crimes (a teenager in the UK , a bar in Fort Worth in a case that I have been following, a sailor at Camp Pendleton and there are more)...

Jason Saunders, age 18, in the UK

...but I think I'll just post this video of an unemployed chicken catcher from Mayfield, Kentucky that wowed the judges last night on America's Got Talent. I like Garth Brooks, by the way.


lipscomb bohemian said...

well then something fishy is going on...not unusual...because when i voted at the lipscomb fire station on tues at around 10:30 am 20 had gone before me....i was 21. i remember distinctly because i commented on it. thats just at the fire station....others here vote in the city hall.

Joe said...

And I remember you saying that too. But I didn't remember which place in Lipscomb you voted.

lipscomb bohemian said...

i used to catch chickens for i think smiths pride ..might have been poultry pride in montgomery when i was around 14 i guess. this guy said they caught 8 at a time...we had to bring to the truck either 7 or 14...either had to do with how many went in a box.