The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Iowa Caucus Guide for Republicans and Democrats

What is a blogger in Bessemer, Alabama doing giving advice to Iowans as they make their final decisions before Caucus Day on Thursday?

What you do in Iowa affects how Alabamians will vote next month in our primaries. And I do have a connection of sorts. I have a brother who with his family lived in Des Moines for several years, and as an aside, on a visit with my children when they were little kids one summer, we were caught in the middle of a tornado south of Iowa City during which we had to abandon our vehicle and seek safety in a water filled ditch. But that is a story for another day.

From Bessemer Opinions, this can serve as a guide for Iowa caucus participants as they express their preference for president in the upcoming caucus. Key candidates from the Republican and Democratic parties will be given a yea, a nay, or an OK, and a reason.

First the Republicans

Mike Huckabee – Nay. Huckabee has shown himself to be a joke of a candidate. His lack of knowledge regarding foreign affairs is frightening.

Think: NIE blunder and Iran nuclear program.

Think: Comments regarding immigrants from Pakistan after the assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.

His comments regarding HIV and quarantine are demeaning and show that when he made those remarks he had a complete misunderstanding of the knowledge that was current at the time.

His latest antic, calling a press conference to “show” his “negative ad” before claiming to be above such, then telling the media he will show it to them but not release it is just the strangest thing any candidate has done. Trying to put negative information out and…, or rather trying to get the media to do it for you is low and deceitful. We do not want this uninformed, deceitful man as president.

Mitt Romney - Nay. Romney is the prince of flip flop, as his changing positions on a woman’s choice and gay rights confirms. Whatever position gets him the votes he thinks he needs to win is the position he will take on an issue.

Rudy Giuliani – Nay. This man, after the first attack on the World Trade Center, moved emergency operations in to the buildings. That shows how much sense he has. Listen to what the firefighters of New York are saying. Giuliani wanted to “scoop up and dump” debris from the Trade Centers. This “debris” contained the remains of firefighters and others who were killed in the attack.
Here is the story on Fox News. In addition there is this: “Meanwhile America's mayor Rudy Giuliani is trying to figure out how to explain to the Christian Conservatives why he lived with two gay men, and why he married his second cousin Regina Peruggi and about being pro-choice.” (From the Archives ) .

Wait, I spent this much time thinking about what to say about Giuliani and he is not even campaigning in Iowa? What a waste of my time…and yours.

Fred Thompson – Nay. Is this guy even awake? Reagan slept through half his presidency, but at least he was awake during the campaign. Nothing about this man seems presidential.

John McCain - Nay. McCain is a hero to our country, but he is not presidential material. Plus he is too old. I am not one to discriminate based on age (I’m a 53 year old college student, after all) but I think we need a president who is not approaching the average life expectancy for someone his age. If that seems cold, sorry. McCain missed his chance in 2000.

Ron Paul – OK. Ron Paul makes the most sense of all the Republicans, especially when he is talking about the war or about corporate fascism and the military industrial complex that runs this country. But his solution to federal tyranny is giving control of issues like protecting rights and liberties over to individual states and this reeks of the racist cries of “states' rights” that we heard in the south over the years. Change that “OK” to a “Nay.”


Barack Obama – Nay
. Obama would make a fine president but lacks experience in dealing with foreign policy, and would require some on the job training. In addition while he probably is as gay friendly as any democratic candidate, he is too close to his homophobic pastor, and his South Carolina gay...anti-gay tour episode really lost favor among the community of those who believe all people were created equal. Remember what the Declaration of Independence says: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Hillary Clinton – Yea. It is no secret that I am a Hillary Clinton supporter. She has the experience and the knowledge and skills to become an effective president, and she is ready now and will not need on the job training. She is strong on defense, yet realizes we need to change course in Iraq. She understands that the focus should be in Afghanistan. She has a winning health care policy as well as progressive environmental policies. Plus she comes with someone who has White House experience who will give her worlds of advice – Chelsea Clinton. Chelsea is 27 years old and just a few years older than my daughter, and I am sure she is full of advice for both of her parents.

But Senator Clinton as President Clinton would not rely on her daughter or her husband for advice on running the country. Hillary is intelligent enough to lead the country on her on, but also smart enough to surround herself with quality advisors.

This is very important. Hillary Clinton, among all the candidates of both parties, will be able to restore our standing in the world in less time than any of the others. First we have to regain the trust of the leaders of other countries, and only then can we begin to regain their respect. And with respect comes leadership, and only then will we be able to regain that position in the world that we lost soon after 9-11.

A vote for Hilary Clinton is a vote for a secure, sound America that treats all of its citizens with respect and dignity, and an America that respects science and the environment as well.

And maybe she will choose General Wesley Clark as vice president candidate. Wouldn’t that be nice?

John Edwards – Nay. Edwards would make a good president but I don’t think he generates the excitement necessary to win the race in November. His experience does not begin to compare with Clinton’s and his negativity in the debates turned me off.

Bill Richardson – OK. Richardson has plenty of experience, both with domestic issues and in dealing with foreign policy. In addition his role as a successful governor shows that he has leadership qualities that are required to head an executive branch of government. However Richardson did give a weird answer at the so called “gay debate” when asked whether homosexuality is a choice or not. See video here Video from the debate . Some of the video here does show that he has an impressive gay record as governor, though. But again, Richardson does not generate the excitement in the party to get him elected. But look for him in the administration.

Dennis Kucinich – Nay. Kucinich has a role, but unfortunately being president is not in the cards for him. It’s too bad, because he does make sense at times, especially when he is not talking about UFO’s and Shirley McLain.

So, Iowans, your big day is almost here. Make your choice wisely, and make those of us in the rest of the country proud.


Bob McCarty Writes said...

Twas the night of the caucus and all 'cross the state,
few voters are happy with the names on the slate.
Though each name is printed on the ballot with love,
the clear choice is missing: None of the Above.
-- Bob McCarty Writes™

Anonymous said...

That's good, Bob. thanks. But since NOTA is not a choice...