The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Monday, January 14, 2008

Clinton Seeking Youth Vote, Women's Support

This post should be forwarded to young voters, and female voters and, well, all voters. Hillary Clinton is making inroads with the so called youth vote and recently had an online event where she addressed questions submmitted by facebook users. Here is a five or six minute youtube video where the candidate addresses questions posed to her.

Clinton addresses the following subjects here: genocide in Darfur, making college more affordable, creating green collar jobs, combating the upcoming recession and why she is the best candidate to bring change.

"She closes with "I want to reclaim the future for America, and that's really about you more than it is about me. And I'm going to do everything I can to make that happen."

Here is the youtube link link that you can send to your friends, or you can just forward Bessemer Opinions to them.

And Hillary still appeals to women, regardless of their age, and this column by Madeleine M. Kunin shows why Clinton's appeal among women was so much greater in New Hampshire than in Iowa.

Kunin is the former governor of Vermont, and she suspects that in states that have a good history of electing women to statewide office or sending them to Congress in Washington, that Clinton will do better than in states that do not have record of electing women. Iowa is one such state, one of only two (Mississippi is the other) that has never elected a woman to Congress or the governor's seat. New Hampshire has elected a woman governor three times and has the nation's second highest percentage of women in it's legislature (Kunin's state, Vermont, ranks first).

I think that since women's roles in politics (and elsewhere) are still repressed in much of the south, including Alabama, that Clinton will have a fight on her hands attracting huge numbers of women voters, but it is a fight that is winnable. South Carolina may tell us a lot about this, but Florida (if you consider it a southern state) has five women in Congress and their state legislature is 23.1% women. The women in Florida may give Hillary their support.

If I had the time I would research each state regarding these parameters and come up with an prediction, but there are too many other variables influencing this race.

So forward this to your female friends as well.

And for all voters, here is a good piece by Robert Farmer, Democratic bigwig. He was previously supporting Barack Obama, but has switched to Hillary Clinton's camp. This was printed in the Washington Post after the Iowa Caucus, on the day of the New Hampshire primary, before we knew Hillary had won. Farmer has considered electability in his decision and his editorial is worth reading.

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Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton spent alot of time on Mtv and got almost all of the young vote his first time around!