The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

An Alabama Quiz and Birmingham on "The Edge"

Gary left link in a comment yesterday to this site. Talk about the future of transportation! Thanks, Gary. I don't see any problems with a system like this, other than the transition from the current system. That is addressed on the web site, however.

And Kathy at Birmingham Blues had an interesting link to an article in The Edge about Birmingham and its progress in the gay community by Cody Lyon. Here is a quote:

"There is a large, visible, albeit loosely organized gay community in Alabama’s largest city. There are 24-hour gay bars, social, religious and political organizations, annual events, even entire neighborhoods that gays have transformed into friendly enclaves.

In fact, according to the 2000 United State Census, the city of Birmingham was home to a higher per capita concentration of same-sex couples than cities of comparable or larger sizes like Memphis, Charlotte and even more liberal northern cities like Columbus, Ohio."

The article is a couple of pages long and worth reading if you are interested in Birmingham's progress. Progress is progress, so you should all be interested.

Cody is from Wilsonville, Alabama and now lives in New York as a writer and such.

OK here is a quiz from the Hartselle Enquirer. Test your knowledge of Alabama. Answers on tomorrow. I scored a lowly 12 out of 30.

1. When was Alabama's great seal adopted?
2. What does Alabama's flag look like?
3. What is our state bird?
4. What is our state song?
5. What is our state motto?
6. What is our state tree?
7. What is our state amphibian?
8. What is our state fruit?
9. What is our state spirit (liquor)?
10. What is our state mammal?
11. What is our state tree fruit?
12. What is our state saltwater fish?
13. What is our state flower?
14. What is our state mineral?
15. What is our state rock?
16. What is our state horse?
17. What is our state saltwater fish?
18. What is our state game bird?
19. What is our official American Folk Dance?
20. What is our state nut? (Clue, it is not Roy Moore)
21. What is our state fossil?
22. What is our official mascot?
23. What is our official state butterfly?
24. What is our state reptile?
25. What is our state gemstone?
26. What is our state shell?
27. What is our official State Barbecue Championship?
28. What is our official Horseshoe Tournament?
29. What is our official State Historic Theater?
30. What is our offical State Quilt?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, Joe!

Joe said...

Sure, Kathy. And did you take the quiz?

Anonymous said...

Interesting quiz, good to know all of that!

Anonymous said...

I did the quiz but after 10 minutes of filling out the comments my internet connection died. Oh well.

gary said...


Thanks for the kind words! I fully agree...transition would be the key challenge.