The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Friday, January 11, 2008

Ron Paul and Iran, and Time to Rise Up against Eagle Forum

Now we learn that the "voice" stating "I am coming to you. You will explode after a few minutes." may not have come from the Iranian speedboats that approached U. S. Navy vessels at all. This is according to a spokesperson for the Navy. Was the whole incident fabricated or was it just poorly put together by our leaders in the pentagon? We will probably never know.

This we do know, however. Ron Paul is right. The current administration and all the other Republican candidates are itching to start a war with Iran. Last night Ron Paul won the text voting after the debate...again, or at least he was winning with 32% when I turned the TV off. "Make fun, buddy", is what Paul says after Smitten Romney pokes a jab at him after his answer on Iran last night.

Too bad the media refuses to treat Paul with respect, since the media controls who the serious candidates are rather than the people (this is true with both parties...just ask John Edwards and Bill Richardson).

Locally, another Republican has been found guilty, as former Jefferson County Commisssioner Gary White learns it's not a wise thing to take envelopes stuffed with cash from persons seeking sewer contracts. Of course White is not the first to fall, and corruption in Jefferson County knows no party lines, but it goes to show that the County Commission was (and still is) a corrupt joke.

And their latest antic of providing $15,000 to Eagle Forum to help their "Education Foundation" takes the cake. According Eunie Smith, their Vice President, Eagle Forum will delve into issues like "Pre-K: Does it Live Up to Its Promises" (meaning they are against it), and my favorite, "Consequences of Accepting the Myth of Global Warming." The letter in the Birmingham News from Smith today recommends registering early, as space is limited. The Forum is February 22 and 23 at the Birmingham Marriott, and is FREE. I hope progressives and liberals scoop up tickets and flood the place. Visit their web site (google it, I refuse to put a link) for information.

Remember, Eagle Forum is headed by a far right wingnut that declared the responsibility for the Virginia Tech shootings lies with the English Department rather than with Seung-Hui Cho, who actually pulled the trigger while pointing his gun at 32 different people. Here she shows her ignorance about evolution and would be wise to read my post on the subject and follow the links there to Nova's show. Need I point out more of the kind of trash Eagle Forum puts out?

Of course I realize that Bessemer Opinions is just a "pathetic blog" (quote from Dale) and Eagle Forum is a big neo-con (wouldn't it be nice if they would actually) think tank, and their right wing voice is much bigger than my progressive voice, but you gotta start somewhere.

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