The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Democrats: A Call to Action

This ought to fire some people up. Bob Martin, who writes “The Alabama Scene” in the Hartselle Enquirer, writes the following (The Alabama Scene):

Gov. Bob Riley wants to rid the state legislative halls of Democrats and he’s leading the charge to raise $7 million to start the job in the 2010 elections.Last Wednesday, Riley announced he will chair the fundraising campaign and has already secured the pledges of 68 people to contribute $10,000-a-year over the next four years to eradicate all those pesky “yellow dawgs” from the House and Senate chambers in Montgomery.

But Democratic Chairman Joe Turnham says that money can’t buy Alabama voters and wonders what kind of favors those who pony up the huge amounts of cash will get from the governor.“I predict these folks will become the most expensive cronies in Alabama history,” he said.And Sen. Wendell Mitchell, D-Luverne, the Senate’s deputy pro-tem, told a group of newspaper editors and publishers in Greenville on Friday he was dismayed by the governor’s action.“Just a few weeks ago I received a letter from Gov. Riley talking about how all of us need to work together in a bipartisan way for the benefit of the people during the upcoming legislative session. Now I read where he is leading the charge to get rid of all of us who aren’t members of his party. I am simply baffled,” Mitchell said.

The successful election of Democrat James Fields Jr in House District 12 on Tuesday (special election) indicates that the "pesky yellow dawgs" are not going to go down easy. Fields got about 59% of the vote, and will become the first black person to represent the people of the mosty white district when the state legislature convenes on Fat (Super Dooper) Tuesday (there is a lot happening that day).

Democrats have to realize that the importance of being involved does not end on Tuesday. Sleeping dawgs get snuck up on. Don't let it happen to you.

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