The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Friday, February 1, 2008

Ann Coulter Endorsing Clinton? And the Upcoming Primary

This has to be the weirdest endorsement of the season.

Ann Coulter has endorsed Hillary Clinton, says she will vote for her, says she will campaign for her, if John McCain is the Republican nominee.

Alan Colmes raised his hands and said "My work is done."

I really don't think voters will hold this endorsement against Hillary, because no one listens to Ann Coulter anyway.

Clinton and Obama faced off last night in a mild-mannered debate that likely convinced more independents and moderate republicans to vote democratic than it persuaded democratic voters to change their support from one candidate to the other.

That's good, it will help ensure a Democratic president in the Oval Office in January.

It's also good because the latest polls have Hillary leading in almost all the Super Dooper states.

Massachusetts, Clinton up by 24
New Jersey, Clinton up by 12
Tennessee, Clinton up by 33
California, Clinton up by 3
Minnesota, Clinton up by 7
Oklahoma, Clinton up by 17
New York, Clinton up by 28
Arizona, Clinton up by 10
Delaware, Clinton by 22
Missouri, Clinton by 19

Latest polls also have Obama leading in Alabama and Georgia, and granted, some of the above polls were taken before big endorsements this week. But I think Clinton stopped the flow of votes to Obama last night.

Several of the states voting Tuesday do not have polls on the site.

Several questions have come my way about voting procedures for Tuesday. Here is a link to the ballot of you vote in District 7 (my district).

Here is the ballot for District 6.

From here you can link to the other district ballots.

You can not vote for delegates who are committed to a candidate different than the candidate you selected for president. So if you vote for Hillary, you can choose up to 4 male and 4 female delegates who are committed to her. Likewise for Obama.

If you want to vote for uncommitted delegates, you can not vote for a presidential candidate.

Here are instructions from the party web site. Instructions are also on the ballot.

Make plans to vote on Tuesday. Hillary Clinton.

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