The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Friday, February 8, 2008

Conservative Stuff and Democrat Party Solutions

Is it Spring? Blooming in my yard:

Why is this man on TV and not in prison?

Oh wait. I remember, Republicans don't go to prison. That is why Tom Delay was smiling when this mug shot was taken in 2005.

But yesterday he was smiling as he was interviewed from CPAC the meeting of conservatives where Mitt Romney shocked attendees with his "suspension" of his presidential bid (I guess "suspension until 2012" is what he means).

Delay is one of the growing list of potential "suicide voters" who say they may not vote for McCain because he is not conservative enough. He joins Laura Ingram, Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh, all prominant media types who see their influence and paycheck disappearing as the Republican party changes from within.

That video is from Fox, but on another network Delay's comments caused my blood pressure to rise after he was asked to comment on McCain's acknowedgement that human activity is contributing to global warming. Among other things, Delay said that there is absolutely no scientific evidence that supports that concept. That from somebody whose idea of science is figuring out how to keep the ice in his drink from melting when sitting in a hot tub.

When asked what the "official" conservative view on climate change is he said that it was arrogant for humans to think they could change the climate.

It is no wonder that "conservatism" is becoming a bad word, with uncredible spokespersons spewing incredible yarns.

Words related to "conservative:"

conservation: the careful utilization of a natural resource in order to prevent depletion.

That concept finds no place in the conservative movement.

Fiscal conservatism: a political phrase term used in the United States to attack government spending and advocate instead lower spending and a lower federal debt.

That concept finds no place in the republican party.

While Democrats are united in both philosophy and policy, yet divided on who they choose in their primaries, Republicans seem to be uniting on who they can choose in their primaries, yet divided in philosopy and policy. Only one thing seems to unite them, and that is war (with Ron Paul supporters as the exception. You don't see Ron Paul being invited to speak at CPAC, do you?)

Democrats are worried that if they don't select a candidate before the convention things could get ugly. Here are my solutions. Simple.

1. If the Democrats will just do away with the Superdelegates and let the voters choose who the candidate will be, the party will do fine.

2. Let Florida and Michigan hold new primaries that count.

If they allow the superdelegates make the decision, the sizzle will become a fizzle.

Work it out Democrats. Before June 7.

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