The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Primary Comments

I don't know if Mormons recognize Lent, but I have an idea for Mitt Romney...give up politics. The Dominionist candidate kicked your tail all across the South, allowing the Warmonger candidate to solidify his lead.

Again what a night for the Democratic Party, as we show once again that we have two strong candidates for president and voters go to the polls in record numbers to indicate their choices. All of my comments are based on current information and returns, which is not complete.

My preference of course is Clinton, and while she did not win in Alabama, look at the difference between Alabama and Georgia. Obama won by 34% in Georgia, but only by 14% in Alabama. Are we that different than Georgia?

While all the votes are not yet counted, and all the delegates not yet awarded, at this point Clinton is still ahead. Votes don't select candidates, delegates do.

And the popular vote across the country favors Clinton by quite a bit. I added all the totals for all the states that have voted so far, and Clinton leads 9,723,766 to Obama's 8,354,065. That is 53.8% to 46.2%. Of course popular vote does not elect presidents either, but it is better to be ahead than behind.

The greatest wins for Hillary in my opinion were the victory in Massachusetts and California. In Mass, where both Senator Kennedy and Senator Kerry endorsed Obama, Clinton won easily, by about 15%. And in California, where the Oprah - Kennedy - Shriver fest pulled in thousands of potential voters last week, Clinton won by about 10%, after "polls" showed Obama with a chance to win.

Precinct results are not available yet, and as a result delegate results are not available either.

Alicia Keys likes Hillary. Watch this video of her song Superwoman:

Great song Alicia. And great video.

U. S. News and World reports that the Republican National Committee is levying fines for refering to Hillary or Obama by their first names. Makes them appear too friendly and likable. $10. Well, they are more likable than the candidates of the Republican Party.


Anonymous said...

Warmonger? I really hope you are not referring to a war veteran as a warmonger!

Joe said...

Being a war veteran has nothing to do with it. A warmonger is someone who encourages war. Here is what he said just last week, "I'm sorry to tell you, there's going to be other wars". He said it three times.

Being a war veteran does not give one license to carry his country into unjust wars, like we are in now.

I would rather have a candidate who encourages peace, who says "I am glad to tell you, we are going to seek peace."

So yeah, McCain is a warmonger.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes seeking peace requires war. Look at the history of our country. We may want peace, but the terrorists living in and around our country could not care less. We need a president willing to fight if we need to fight. I don't think Obama or Clinton either one will be very good for our national security. I think we need a commander in chief with a military background.

Joe said...

OK I looked at the history of our country. I did not find one unjust war we were duped into by 935 lies until the present one.

And since W does not have a military background I guess he does not meet your standards either. (I don't count playing hookey from guard duty as military)

Either Hillary or Barack could be an excellent commander in chief. We will see beginning January 09.