The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl, Super Manning

Sports on Bessemer Opinions? If Mitt Romney can make Olympic comparisons and bring sports into his campaign, then I feel I can devote one page to the Super Bowl. Even on the day before Super Tuesday. (No one needs to hear more from me about that right now...just scroll down and read about the Primary and the candidate). Besides, this column is not just about the Super Bowl.

"We're only going to score 17 points?"

That was Tom Brady last week, responding to Plaxico Burress' prediction that the Giants would win the Super Bowl 23 - 17.

No, Tom, you are only going to score 14 points. It's the Giants that will score 17. Plaxico's predicted score was wrong, but his outcome was correct. And Plaxico did catch the winning touchdown pass from Eli Manning.

Manning directed the play of the, the NFL play of the season, when he escaped a sack by at least three patriots who had him wrapped up, and heaved a pass over the head of David Tyree who somehow made the grab, and held on in spite of coming down on top of a defender who was doing his best to loosen the ball from Tyree's grasp. Tyree had already scored the Giants other touchdown earlier in the 4th quarter. doesn't pay to cheat (illegally taping opponents signals).

And let's remind people that Peyton and Eli have an older brother, Cooper Manning, who does not play football, but who might have been just as successful if a football ending diagnosis had not occured when he was a freshman in college. Read his success story here.

Cooper Manning is more inspiring than either Peyton or Eli, and probably a lot more fun to be around.

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