The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Friday, February 29, 2008

Gay Witch Hunts, Natural Born Presidents and Talullah Bankhead

Maybe it is because today is leap day, but weird (and sleazy) things are in the news and on this blog. You try to keep up with things and you come across this statement: The other reason is that Ms. Simpson failed to find any evidence of a homosexual relationship between Mr. Siegelman and his long-time aide Nick Bailey.

That is the part of the story that "60 minutes" left out. But Glynn Wilson (reluctanty) writes about it at Locust Fork Journal although I first ran upon it at Legal Schnauzer.

Everytime I am reminded of Karl Rove's use of the gay label to promote his political agendas, and that is often, I am reminded of just how hypocritical he is. I mean, he was profiled in The New Yorker with these words, "Rove spoke of his adoptive father in a tone of fierce admiration, love, and loyalty, for, as he put it, "how selfless his love had been."

Louis Rove was gay. So Karl shows his admiration by using his father's sexual identity to divide people. He uses his love for his "father" to promote hatred. Loyalty, according to Karl Rove, is promoting bigotry against your own father.

No one in politics is more slimy than Karl Rove. And it comes as no surprise that he was welcomed to Fox News as a contributor.

And then there is John McCain. No, not linked to this story, but in news that is weird.

McCain was not born in the United States, so some are wondering if he meets the qualifications for being president. McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone on a military base, is this a "natural born citizen" as specified in the constitution?

I don't think many people think McCain should be denied the presidency in this way (although most people think he should be denied the presidency through the casting of votes), but no doubt the supreme court will answer the question if he is in fact elected.

But did you know he is not the first candidate from Arizona to not be born in a state? Barry Goldwater was actually born in the territory of Arizona in 1909, three years before it become a state.

And here is an example of a congressperson rushing to pass a bill without thinking. Senator Claire McCaskill (D) of Missouri has introduced a bill that would declare any child born abroad to citizens in the U. S. military would meet the requirement of "natural-born" citizen.

That is nice. But what about children born to members of the diplomatic corp. Or to professors living abroad and teaching children of American diplomats. Or how about teachers living abroad and teaching anyone. Or how about anyone who is a U. S. citizen who is travelling abroad and happens to have their baby on foreign soil.

Reminds me of an old I Love Lucy episode in which "natural born" means "born naturally." I couldn't find that clip, but just for fun, here is another one.

Lucille Ball and Talullah Bankhead on the small screen together. Wow. Bankhead, of course, was from Alabama and was openly bisexual and probably lesbian.

Well, Lucy and Talullah argued about who was the best "Talullah" but more recently I think Jim Bailey takes the title. Talullah is, after all, the original bitter queen.

Oh well...have a nice leap day.