The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Next President Has Been Named

From Dale Jones, Editor of The Western Star:

"Hillary is out. Despite their efforts, mainstream media cannot carry this election for her, and Hillary Clinton will soon ride off into the proverbial sunset."

Far from it, Dale. Senator Clinton may or may not be the eventual nominee, but it is far from over. And even if she does not prevail, she will not be riding off into the sunset.

Dale often writes about the "moral, ethical, Christian stance" that he takes on the issues, and in this column he claims "how overwhelmingly people support" his stand on the issues.

Let's not discuss here the irony of those claims when his editorial policies (plagiarism, twisting or ignoring truths, flat out lies) are considered. (Tell me, how can a plagiarist make a claim of ethics?)

Instead, let's consider his assumption that only Republicans hold moral, ethical and Christian values, and just wait and see how many voters in Bessemer vote in the Democratic Primary compared to the number who vote in the Republican Primary. That in itself won't tell us which party holds the key to those values, but it will tell us that not everyone in Bessemer ascribes to the ethical and moral edicts put forth by his philosophy. In other words, "The World According To Dale" is a myth. And not all Democrats are heathens, in spite of TWATD.

Dale states that 60% of those who participated in the Republican caucus in Iowa are "evangelical Christians". That is no surprise, and similar or higher numbers might be found if they did a similar poll in Alabama. I don't know what percent of Democrats in Iowa are evangelicals, but I bet it's a pretty high number.

Examine the numbers a little more. Of the 60% of GOP voters (114,000) who are evangelicals (68,400), less than a majority, 46% or 31,464, voted for Huckabee, who Dale Jones has already crowned as president: ("When all is said and done, just as in years past, the American people will speak, and good, honest, moral, conservative values will prevail and Mr. Huckabee will be our next president.")

To make it clear, more evangelicals who voted Republican voted against Huckabee (54%) in Iowa than voted for him. And Iowa does not have a great history of picking winners. It's hard to believe anyone would make a bold prediction after just one state has spoken.

I wonder what Dale thinks now that Hillary beat Obama in New Hampshire? I can't wait to read next weeks column.


Joe said...

Well it does seem to be a waste of time, but someone pointed this editorial out to me and said I should read it so I did.

They no longer send me the paper for free, and I'm sure not going to pay for it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, they did actually have a front page news story with a little original info in it this week. Everything else was fluff news story is one more than they have been running.

Ben Mason said...

Yes, except that I have read most or all of it elsewhere over the past couple of months.

Anonymous said...

I got excited after reading the first sentence proclaiming Hilary is out.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well, consider the source of stupidity when you consider what Hillary did Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

"What a maroon!"
Bugs Bunny, 1957

Anonymous said...

"I got excited after reading the first sentence proclaiming Hilary is out".

me too, I don't know how anything could be worse than Hilary getting elected. She was so passive when her hubby cheated........what happens when terrorists attack the U.S.? Will she shrug that off also? How about when cramps are at thier worst? But maybe she is better than the dem. in republican clothing..........(Huckabee)

Trey said...

"How about when cramps are at thier worst?"

I think this is the kind of irrational sexism to which Joe refered. On a technical note, Hillary is almost certainly post-menopausal.

Anonymous said...

It may be sexism, but it's a valid point and would be for any female, republican or democrat! Are you tell me you know women who don't get mental when it's "that time of the month"?