The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Friday, January 18, 2008

"Goings On" From Here and There

There's a lot going on the world of politics and culture, including caucuses and primaries this weekend, so here's a little local news, some political news and come cultural news.

The Western Tribune has a front page story this week about a hate crime being charged against the city by a Bessemer employee. Seems Willie Burgin's city truck broke down in a wooded area in Hueytown and he called in for assistance and waited but no one came. He was told by his supervisor on a walkie talkie, "Get you a rope and hang around, they are coming." He asked for clarification, he was told the same thing.

Burgin complained to his supervisors and told to forget about it. Rev. James Eades, head of the department, suggested the employee was simply "looking for a big pay day."

So he went to the mayor, Ed May. He recieved a letter from May that said the city "found no evidence that Mr. McLaughlin's statements were made with malice or that they were intended to be racially dipsaraging or offensive."

Burgin says that the mayor hides personnel problems by "sweeping them under the rug."

Burgin has filed a complaint with the EEOC (Economic Equal Opportunity Commission) and with the Jefferson County personnel board.

The Western Tribune: Real People, Real Issues, Real News

I just wonder if Ed May is a closet republican. He's teflon, like Ronald Reagan. He budgets money like the president and former republican congress did, with no regard to fiscal responsibility, and he governs with Cheneyesque secrecy. Well, he is running for a delegate position to the Democratic National Convention (for the wrong candidate), and after all, many democrats in Alabama are "republican lite" anyway, so who knows.


The Hillary Clinton Campaign is opening its Birmingham office Saturday with an event at 2:00. I am all for snow, but I hope it doesn't intefere with this event.

The office will be in downtown Birmingham, on 21st street, across from the YMCA. If the roads are there!

The Napa County Farm Bureau which promotes agriculture and protects family farms in Napa, California, has published a calendar as a fund raiser for 2008. From the looks of the calendar, all of Napa's agriculture involves grapes and winemaking with some beef operations as well.

But the real beefcake is in the photos of mostly bare farmers who have taken it off for the cause. Here's 35 year old Michael H., who is a grape grower and is Mr. June, so to speak.

Not all of the farmers pictured as as, uh, young, as Michael, but let me tell you, the vineyards and grapes all look healthy and fine. Support California Wines. And support Napa farmers by visiting Napa Uncovered where you can learn more about the Napa farming community and maybe even still get a calendar. This calendar was featured in Parade magazine a few weeks ago as well


Anonymous said...

bare grape farmers? ugggggh...who wants to see that? Yuck!

Anonymous said...

Ed May will have to face chief federal prosecutor Alice Martin this Thursday night at the chamber of commerce's annual banquet. Think she might be bringing some handcuffs?

Anonymous said...

anonymous 1.

"bare grape farmers?"

Well I don't mind, as long as they aren't stomping them bare-footed!

anonymous 2.

You think he will even show up?

Anonymous said...

I dont care what..or what they aren't wearing (speaking of the grape farmers) as long as they keep making that good wine.

And as for willie birgin's claim..there really is no way of knowing the truth behind who may have said I agree, it sounds like somebody may be looking for a "big payday"

Joe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joe said...

The racist comments have been deleted because they violate the terms of decency set forth by Bessemer Opinions.

Anonymous said...

If you're hung up about seeing naked men, then don't pay attention to calenders made in Napa, or anywhere in the Bay.

Anonymous said...

I certainly have no hang ups about it. And I love the Bay area.

Anonymous said...

Hey, just because someone doesn't like something (pictures of naked men) doesn't mean they have a hang up. It could simply mean they don't find the images aesthetically pleasing. As far as paying attention, it was kind of hard to avoid the image if you were reading this blog. I certainly don't otherwise go look at such pictures.