The Year of Moving Forward

The Year of Moving Forward
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Saturday, January 26, 2008

South Carolina Votes

And a South Carolinian speaks.

Ann is a friend of mine since college, and she now lives in South Carolina and reads Bessemer Opinions. She sent me a message this week about the candidates in her state, and gave me permission to share it. Here is her picture and her message.

I had a great time today listening to Hillary explain her plans for the economy. Earlier this week, I heard Barack speak. I have nothing against Barack and will certainly support him if he wins the nomination but . . . Hillary was impressive, especially when she answered questions. Her plans for the economy are specific, detailed and reasonable. (published today on her website) She was able to field any and all questions with in-depth knowledge and plans for handling all issues - coal lobbyists, social security, medicaid health coverage for children adopted from foreign countries (right now there is a 2 year wait), securing borders, electric cars . . . You name it and she handled it. I came away very impressed.

Barack gave his normal very rousing speech and generated a great deal of excitement but then answered only 4 questions and had a great deal of trouble with 2 questions, one about farm subsidies and one about insurance coverage for mental health patients. I think this was largely due to the fact that he was obviously exhausted, but again, I just think Hillary can handle it.

I hope we can have a 16 year dynasty and I have the opportunity to vote for Barack in 8 years.

By the way, I was just on CNN! woo hoo! It's fun to be in SC right now!!

I am sure Ann is not as excited now, as Barack Obama has been declared the winner (with 0% of the vote counted) and Hillary Clinton is taking second place. But remember, Ann says what I have said as well. Democrats like us will support Obama just as strongly should he get the nomination, and most democrats I have heard feel the same way.

A reader wanted to know my thoughts about the race, and race. I can see where the media focus on race would turn voters off, but hopefully they are like me and it just turns them off from listening to the news, and not from voting. Obviously it didn't turn the people away from the polls in South Carolina as turnout looks to be huge (especially when compared to the Republicans).

I predict the campaigns (who knows about the media, they are less predictable) will be less focused on race this week as we approach Super Dooper Tuesday, and I would really be surprised if we know the Democratic nominee after that day. But back to race. I am convinced that race is becoming less important to the voters in spite of the media. When you look at the numbers of white voters who voted for Barack, and the number of black voters who voted for Hillary it seems that both candidates appeal to both races. And if that can happen in South Carolina, it could happen anywhere. Even in Alabama.


Jennifer (Errett) Robinson said...

Say, Obama is in Bham today at Bartow Arena. I will not be voting for Hillary even though I like her alot. I was watching the clicker on the column next to this blog and how much this war is costing us and remembering yet again that I will not vote for anyone who had the lack of judgement in giving any authority for war to a president Bush and his administration. They were touting the Iraq war before 911 so it should have been obvious to anyone with common sense that they were using 911. The fact that anyone authorized the war out of ignorance to Bush's intentions or due to their lack of questioning the facts that were available, is no excuse. Obama's statements at the time that Hillary was supporting Bush in his goals to invade Iraq, show me that he has a better sense of what's right and wrong whether or not he has as much experience.

OK, that's just my 2cents worth. I like Hillary and would love to see a woman win however I am disappointed in her campaign's tactics lately and also she really has never apologized for her lack of judgement and leadership at the time she voted to give Bush unprecidented authority in dealing with Iraq. That is why she will not get my vote on Super Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Joe, I didn't listen to the speeches from either but in the past all that I've heard from Hillary are very possitive as far as I'm concerened. She has the stamina to withstand a lot of things that come her way. I think she will be a very good leader for AMERICANS. Barack just needs more time and yes I will vote for him in the future after much more experience. He does have some very good answers to many things. My vote will be for Hillay on Super Tuesday